Lee Sanford Ainslie, Jr. ’56 Fellows Mastership Program

The Lee Sanford Ainslie, Jr. ’56 Fellows Mastership Program was established from a bequest by Jesse W. Couch ’40, in honor of former Headmaster Sandy Ainslie ’56.

The program provides a generous stipend to support a year-long research project by a teacher or group of teachers. Ainslie Fellows are expected to share the results of their research and plan for implementation with the entire faculty.

Episcopal’s first four Ainslie Fellows are Mimi Schwanda and Patrick Thompson, who will research innovative approaches to measuring the impact of leadership and character development programs and curricula, and Caroline English and Mike Reynolds, who will explore best practices for using digital archives and other resources in the classroom.

“I am thrilled that Jesse Couch’s ’40 generosity in honor of Sandy Ainslie ’56, as well as Sandy and Sharon’s own creative educational vision, have helped us to shape a fantastic new approach to innovative research and teaching excellence at Episcopal. Our Ainslie Fellows will play a crucial leadership role in inspiring all the faculty to pursue new and intriguing approaches to the classroom and to offer our students exciting new learning opportunities.”

Charley Stillwell
Head of School