Capital & Endowment Gifts

Support of the EHS endowment helps ensure that Episcopal continues to attract a gifted faculty and a talented and diverse student body. Endowment funds also ensure that the campus remains an ideal setting for learning and incorporates state-of-the-art technology in all fields.

Income from the endowment funds faculty masterships, salary enhancements, and faculty educational programs; provides financial assistance to deserving students; enhances academic programs; and covers ongoing campus maintenance costs. Above all, a growing endowment helps moderate tuition increases.


50th Reunion Legacy Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred R. Berkeley III ’62

Reginald Wilbur Burns ’72 Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. A. Bahlmann Abbot III ’72

Mr. and Mrs. H. Heath Alexander ’72

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bagley IV ’72

Mr. and Mrs. Tucker W. Beaumont ’73

Dr. and Mrs. William H. Bell III ’72

Mr. Alan F. Brackett, Jr. ’72

Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Brown III ’72

Dr. and Mrs. Stuart E. Brown III ’75

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Burke ’72

Mr. David Wilkinson Carr, Jr. ’73

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Clement III ’75

Mr. and Mrs. James T. Coleman ’72

Mr. Victor Weyher Dawson, Jr. ’72

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. Dobbs, Jr. ’72

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Farrar, Jr. ’70

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis F. Fitts ’71

Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Fox IV ’71

Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Nash Francis, Jr. ’74

Mr. and Mrs. John V. Grainger IV ’70

Mr. and Mrs. Darr Hall ’72

Mr. and Mrs. George A. Harrison ’74

Mr. and Mrs. E. Burke Haywood ’71

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Hipp ’72

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Hobson ’72

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Hooff ’72

Dr. and Mrs. Leon M. Johnston III ’69

Mr. and Mrs. David D. Joy, Jr. ’72

Mr. and Mrs. David B. Kelso ’70

Mr. and Mrs. R. Gilliam Kittrell III ’74

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas B. Lane ’75

Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Linder, Jr. ’72

Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Lobdell, Jr. ’71

Dr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Lupton III ’72

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Mason ’72

Mr. James Dunn Mason IV ’73

Mr. Joseph D. Mayo III ’71

Mr. and Mrs. John E. McIntosh, Jr. ’72

Mr. and Mrs. Lee M. McLaughlin, Jr. ’70

Mr. Randolph Carlos Metcalfe ’72

Dr. R. Gregory Michaels ’75 and Mrs. Ana Maria Linares

Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Morgan ’73

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Morrison ’72

Mr. and Mrs. John Reid Murchison III ’72

Dr. and Mrs. James E. Newman, Jr. ’70

Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Patton ’72

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Peebles IV ’73

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Preston III ’72

Mr. and Mrs. Louis L. P. Prichard ’72

Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Riely ’73

Dr. and Mrs. Allen H. Roberts II ’72

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory B. Robertson ’69

Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Root III ’71

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rutledge ’70

Mr. Milton J. Sams ’70

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney G. Simmonds ’74

Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey P. Snodgrass ’71

Mr. William Cannon Spotswood ’70

Mr. and Mrs. G. Craig Stewart III ’70

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Swinford, Jr. ’72

Mr. George Minister VanMeter, Jr. ’73

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall P. Washburn ’69

Mr. James Bruce White ’71

Mr. and Mrs. George B. Wickham ’74

Mr. and Mrs. David F. Williams ’69

Mr. Robert A. Wilson, Jr. ’72

Mr. and Mrs. E. Jenner Wood III ’70

Edward C. Carrington ’63 Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Eric A. Heinsohn

Joshua P. Darden, Jr. ’54 and Elizabeth D. Darden Foundation Scholarship

Mrs. Joshua P. Darden, Jr.

Samuel Cooper Dawson, Jr. ’27 Scholarship

Mrs. Marion Dawson Robinette

DeJoy Family Scholarship

The Hon. Aldona Z. Wos and Mr. Louis DeJoy

Alexander Colclough Dick ’23 Scholarship

Dr. and Mrs. Macdonald Dick II ’59

George T. Dunlop Scholarship

Mr. G. Thomas Dunlop IV

EHS-WFS Alumni Golf Challenge Scholarship

Mr. Robert G. Burleson, Jr. ’90

Mr. David Wilkinson Carr, Jr. ’73

Mr. Aldo E. Chavez

Mr. David R. Clarke ’70

Mr. John K. Cohen

Mr. Elwood B. Coley, Jr. ’73

Mr. James A. Hardison V ’09

Mr. William S. Peebles IV ’73

Mr. David H. Pivirotto

Mr. William A. Roach ’74

Mr. John W. T. Webb

Dr. Robert Wilson, Jr. ’54

First Forty-Eight Merit Scholarship

Mrs. James H. Fannon, Jr.

Joe Halm Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Ted L. Estess

Mr. and Mrs. Jules Halm

Mr. and Mrs. John N. Richardson, Jr.

Vincent Stafford Hodge, Jr. ’89 Fund

Mr. Eugene Chow and Ms. Telly Tai Chi

Ruth and Flick Hoxton Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Archibald R. Hoxton IV ’84

Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Taylor

Frances Bradley Lummis Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. P. Bradley Lummis ’73

MacEwan Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Nigel S. MacEwan ’51

John Peyton McGuire Scholarship

McGuire’s School Foundation

Peter Kingsley McKee ’52 Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Allen

Moore Charitable Foundation Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Louis M. Bacon ’74

The Moore Charitable Foundation

Richard G. Pfefferkorn ’75 Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Pfefferkorn ’75

Quinn Family Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Lee S. Ainslie, Jr. ’56

Sibley Family Scholarship in Memory of Quintus W. Sibley ’73

Mr. and Mrs. Jack N. Sibley, Sr. ’66

Byrd Charles Willis, Jr. Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Logan ’63

General Scholarship

Mrs. Craig M. Nielson

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Peebles IV ’73