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Update on Campus Construction

Update on Campus Construction

Debuted in 2018, the Campus Master Plan set forth ambitious and exciting campus construction goals:

  • two new dormitories to greatly enhance our residential life program;
  • the deButts Health & Wellness Center, which will replace the 90+ year-old McAllister Health Center;
  • and new track and field to ensure adequate space on busy practice and game days.

In June 2021, Episcopal broke ground on two new dormitories and the deButts Health & Wellness Center. All three buildings will open in the 2022-23 school year, lowering the student-to-faculty ratio in the residential life program and enabling the School’s medical and counseling staff to better serve the evolving needs of today’s students.

Before the spring 2021 track and field season, the new track opened to rave reviews in a section of Laird Acres. For our track athletes, the former track’s aging surface was long overdue for replacement, and the unusual configuration complicated the hosting of events and competitions. The high-performance surface of the new track helps protect runners from injury.

The relocation of the track and the new construction also allow the completion of a longstanding goal: completing the vehicular circle that surrounds the main school grounds, which will help manage traffic flow issues and increase pedestrian safety — especially around special events and busy days.

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A conceptual rendering of the new residential quad.