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Gifts From Grandparents

Gifts From Grandparents

The School is particularly grateful to the grandparents of students and alumni who continue to be faithful and generous supporters of Episcopal High School.

Total Gifts: $144,983


Mr. and Mrs. John W. Burress III '54

Ms. Elaine Crocker

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Custard

Mrs. W. Barrett Howell, Sr. GP '23

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Kennedy


Mr. and Mrs. Lee S. Ainslie, Jr. '56

Mr. and Mrs. John C. H. Hooff, Jr. '67

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Johnson

Mr. Douglass Sorrel Mackall III '49

Mrs. Gail Williamson Rawl

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Rinehart '56

Mrs. L. Clifford Schroeder, Sr. GP '23

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Wood, Jr. '42


Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Broll, Sr.

Mrs. J. Stewart Bryan III

Mrs. Grace Miller Stillwell

Mrs. W. Temple Webber, Jr.


Mr. and Mrs. William M. Calvert '51

The Hon. and Mrs. John E. Clarkson '48

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Cochrane

Hon. and Mrs. Thomas B. Evans, Jr.

Mrs. Fredericka A. Flynt

Mr. Frederick Lee Glaize III '54

Mrs. Kathleen M. Hayne GP '23

Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Jackson

Mr. John A. C. Keith '64

Mrs. David Maybank, Jr.

Mr. John R. Murchison II '47

Mr. and Mrs. Bailey Patrick, Jr. '53

Mr. and Mrs. Edward K. Pritchard, Jr. '56

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Sandridge, Jr. '52

Capt. William D. Straight and Mrs. Kathleen W. Straight

Mr. and Mrs. George E. Summers GP '23

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Taylor GP '23

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Ward, Jr.


Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Barber, Jr.

Mr. Fred DeMasse Clarke III '66

Mr. and Mrs. Roger H. Davis, Jr. '62

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Edmundson

Mr. Charles H. Fitzpatrick and The Hon. Johanna L. Fitzpatrick

Ms. Jacqueline Elizabeth Maher

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Percy II '57

Mr. John J. Powers

Mr. and Mrs. Carl S. Ragsdale '58

Mrs. William G. Thomas


Mrs. John C. Allen

Mr. and Mrs. Manuel F. Almenara

Mr. George J. Bielat Jr. and Mrs. Cathy Weisner

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey J. Bozzi

Mrs. Henry A. Brown, Jr. *

Mr. and Mrs. David P. Campbell

Rev. and Mrs. William Chromey

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Compton

Mr. and Mrs. Marino deLeón

Mr. and Mrs. John Denniston

Mrs. Barbara M. Dickinson

Mrs. Robert A. Douglas

Mr. Thomas Underwood Dudley II '61

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Duffala

The Hon. and Mrs. Nelson T. Durden '56

Dr. and Mrs. Harry W. Easterly III GP '23

Mrs. Mary McBride Felton

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hawks GP '23

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Hill, Jr.

Brig. Gen. and Mrs. John A. Hurley

Mr. Robert Kagan

Mr. and Mrs. Horace T. King

Ms. Maria Lizondo GP '23

Mrs. Robert B. McClellan

Dr. and Mrs. John H. Miller '61

Mrs. Barbara Joerg Mitchell

Mr. and Mrs. Josh Murray

Mr. John M. Owen and Mrs. Margaret Montana

Ms. Nicole H. Perry and Mr. Andrew T. C. Stifler

Mrs. Alicia Rivas Rivera

Mr. and Mrs. Claude Rountree

Dr. and Mrs. Carl A. Smith

Ms. Gloria Smith

Mrs. Martha L. Stout

Mrs. John J. Sutton, Jr.

Mrs. Anstice Tibor

Mr. Arthur Peter Tranakos '52

Dr. S. Nelson Weston '54

Mrs. James R. York


Mr. and Mrs. Lee S. Ainslie, Jr. '56

Mr. and Mrs. John Edward Akridge III

Mrs. John C. Allen

Mrs. Paul B. Barringer II

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert L. Bieger Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Stayton M. Bonner '45 *

Mr. and Mrs. Jules Halm

Mr. and Mrs. John C. H. Hooff, Jr. '67

Mrs. W. Barrett Howell, Sr. GP '23

Mr. and Mrs. Archibald R. Hoxton III '62

Mr. Robert Latane Montague III '52

Mr. and Mrs. Bailey Patrick, Jr. '53

* Deceased

GP ’23 The Grandparents of The Class of 2023