The Young Alumni Leadership Society

Established in 2014, the Young Alumni Leadership Society recognizes the newest generation of alumni for their generous contributions to the Roll Call. The society grew by one member in 2017-18 from 52 to 53 and gave a combined $48,096.

“I am a member of the Young Alumni Leadership Society because I know that my gift directly impacts Episcopal’s ceaseless pursuit to teach students how to be strong leaders in the modern world.”
– Christopher Williams ’06

Total Gifts: $48,096

Mr. Pendleton C. Agnew, Jr. ’11

Mr. M. Sutton Alford ’11

Mr. Jeremy R. Austin ’08

Ms. M. Cameron Baker ’11

Ms. Julia E. Baker ’13

Mr. Jack Ronald Bates III ’15

Ms. Ryan Elizabeth Bennert ’12

Ms. Tweed Pendleton Bogache ’15

Ms. Addison L. Bortz ’11

Mr. and Mrs. David Brady ’08

Mr. Miller G. Cornelson ’06

Mr. Alek Shawn Daniel ’16

Mr. Joseph Ray Daniel III ’15

Ms. Jordan E. Daniel ’15

Mrs. Lucille Glaize Frey ’08 and Mr. David G. Frey, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Fulks II ’04

Mr. John C. Glover, Jr. ’14

Ms. Helen B. Grassi ’03

Mr. William T. Hackenson ’09

Mr. Henry Muhler Hay IV ’16

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Hightower ’04

Ms. Emma Louise Holt ’12

Mr. Gabriel Hann Huh ’04

Ms. Rachel V. Hurley ’10

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher E. Joseph ’03

Mr. John W. Kadlick ’14

Mr. William Preston Laws ’16

Ms. Coles Heyward Lawton ’10

Mr. and Mrs. Davis Leisy ’07

Mr. Paul Barringer Light ’06

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Light ’06

Mr. Andrew R. Nickle ’11

Mr. Bailey W. Patrick, Jr. ’11

Mr. Charles C. Patton, Jr. ’11

Ms. Martha Smith Perez-Sanz ’10

Mr. William H. Ryan ’09

Mr. C. Stephen Shaw ’06

Mr. Benjamin Hunt Shuford ’09

Mr. Alexander G. Smith ’10

Mr. Fathay E. Smith-Kiawu ’09

Mr. Joshua Edward Szymczak ’16

Ms. Lauren A. Tarde ’14

Mrs. Carolyn Barfield Thompson ’03 and Mr. William M. Thompson III

Mr. George B. Thorne ’11

Mrs. Graye Pelletier Todd ’03 and Mr. George C. Todd III

Mr. John Thomas VanMeter ’10

Mr. Christian U. W. L. B. von Hassell ’12

Mr. and Mrs. Odon F. von Werssowetz ’04

Ms. Nancy E. Walker ’11

Mr. David H. Wang ’05 and Mrs. Jennifer Lin

Mr. Christopher Rankin Williams ’06

Mr. William B. Wiltshire III ’17

Mr. William McDonald Wren ’09