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The Young Alumni Leadership Society

The Young Alumni Leadership Society

Established in 2014, the Young Alumni Leadership Society recognizes the newest generation of alumni for their generous contributions to the Roll Call. 48 members of the society collectively gave $63,630 in 2022-23.

Total Gifts: $66,630

Mr. Pendleton C. Agnew, Jr. ’11

Mr. M. Sutton Alford ’11

Mr. Peyton Carter Anderson, Jr. ’19

Ms. M. Cameron Baker ’11

Mr. Todd F. Becker ’08

Ms. Madeline Anne Blalock ’19

Mr. and Mrs. K. Tucker Clarkson ’08

Mrs. Amanda Weisiger Cornelson ’08 and Mr. Martin Shaw Cornelson, Jr. ’04

Ms. Jordan E. Daniel ’15

Mr. Christian D. Driscoll ’12

Mrs. Lucille Glaize Frey ’08 and Mr. David G. Frey, Jr.

Ms. Mary Ives Giblin ’19

Mr. Matthew Cloud Giblin ’22

Mr. John Conger Glover, Jr. ’14

Mr. Lawrence A. Glover ’18

Ms. Sallie H. Glover ’11

Ms. Catherine McKenna Gribbon ’19

Ms. Elizabeth L. Heebe-Russo ’11

Ms. Dahhee Hwang ’22

Mrs. Julia Baker Kerns ’13 and Mr. Trent Sydnor Kerns ’13

Mrs. Rachel H. Kittrell ’10 and Mr. Robert G. Kittrell IV ’10

Mr. William Preston Laws ’16

Ms. Lauren Marie Marshall ’09

Ms. Grace Fearrington Moog ’19

Ms. Augusta M. Nau ’15

Mr. William W. Patrick ’12 and Mrs. Caroline Hagood Patrick ’12

Mr. Paul Thomson Pivirotto ’19

Mr. William Howard Riddle III ’19

Mrs. Frances Ainsworth Rogers ’11 and Mr. William Rogers

Ms. Gillian S. Sarofim ’13

Mr. Carter Matson Schorr ’19

Mr. Darius G. S. K. Scott ’18

Ms. Alexa Turner Scully ’16

Mr. Craig W. L. Shelburne ’18

Mr. Fathay E. Smith-Kiawu ’09

Ms. Olivia Lloyd Sokol ’19

Ms. Nora Shaw Stanko ’19

Mr. Nicholas Kent Styles ’10

Mr. George B. Thorne ’11 and Mrs. Ryan Bennert Thorne ’12

Ms. Maya Carolina Valcourt ’16

Ms. Grace A. Weisiger ’13

Mr. Coleman Robinson Wise ’19

Mr. William McDonald Wren ’09

Mr. Frederick C. Wright V ’18