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The Open Door Society

The Open Door Society


Holding doors open for one another is an act of hospitality ingrained in Episcopal’s culture of community. Roll Call gifts reflect this commitment to taking care of others and help EHS open doors to the best students, faculty, and opportunities.

Total Gifts: $357,634

Mr. M. Sutton Alford '11

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Allen, Jr. '85

Mr. Shepard B. Ansley '57

Dr. Victor Appiah and Mrs. Mary Osei

Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Archer III '78

Mr. Hyunsuk Baek and Mrs. Sangmi S. Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Bailey III '86

Dr. Lenox D. Baker, Jr. '59 and Dr. Frances W. Baker

Mr. and Mrs. William Alexander Banks, Jr. '90

Mrs. Elizabeth E. S. Baranes and Mr. Shalom Baranes

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Barmore, Jr. '00

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Barringer III '85

Mrs. Glynne Barber Bassi '96

Mr. and Mrs. Jordan F. Bazant

Mr. Todd F. Becker '08

Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. R. Bennett '73

Mr. Mussie Berhe and Ms. Ruth Hailemichael

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred R. Berkeley III '62

Mr. Stephen H. Berry '80

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Black III '64

Mr. and Mrs. John Bonello

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bradley

Mr. and Mrs. H. Harrison Braxton, Jr. '54

Mr. and Mrs. John O. Brown '76

Mr. Thomas Rutherford Brown '73

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Latta Browse '74

Mr. James K. Bruton, Jr. '62

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Burke '72

Mr. and Mrs. Lucien D. Burnett III '71

Mr. and Mrs. Harry F. Byrd III

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Calvert '51

Mr. and Mrs. J. Dabney Carr, Jr. '68

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Carr

Mrs. James Armstrong Cathcart III

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Cathcart '69

Dr. Lamar J. R. Cecil, Jr. '50 *

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Austin Chapman '94

Mr. Matthew C. Chellgren '92 and Ms. Caterina Cattafi

Mr. Almas Chukin and Ms. Saltanat Dyikanbaeva

Dr. John R. Clark '71 and Ms. Carolyn J. Pratt

The Hon. and Mrs. John E. Clarkson '48

Mr. and Mrs. K. Tucker Clarkson '08

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Cochrane

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Cook, Jr. '52

Mr. Preston Sheffey Copenhaver III '78

Mr. Miller G. Cornelson '06

Dr. and Mrs. Charles V. Covell, Jr. '54

Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Cox '99

Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Craig

Mr. Charles S. Craighill '79 and Prof. Virginia O. Craighill

Dr. and Mrs. Harte C. Crow '52

Mr. and Mrs. William Bryan Cunningham

Mrs. Elizabeth Hackney Davies '99 and Mr. Joseph Davies

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar S. Davis '54

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Dearlove

Mr. and Mrs. William H. deButts III '76

Mr. and Mrs. Charlton deSaussure, Jr.

Dickson Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. A. Dixon '93

The Rt. Rev. and Mrs. Herbert A. Donovan, Jr. '49

Mr. and Mrs. Menard Doswell IV '62

Mr. Christian D. Driscoll '12

Mr. and Mrs. William H. DuBose

Mr. John Henry Duer IV '74

Mr. and Mrs. John N. Dukes '89

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Dunlap

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Dunn, Jr. '85

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Eckert

Dr. and Mrs. Chidirim E. Ejim

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse T. Ellington III

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Elliot '64

Mr. W. Perry Epes III '65 * and The Rev. Gail A. Epes

Hon. and Mrs. Thomas B. Evans, Jr.

Mr. James A. Everett '67 and Ms. Carolyn Roberts

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Farish, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Farmer '74

Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Ferland

Mr. Charles T. Fitzgerald, Jr. '55

Mr. Thomas Mills Fleming '82 and Dr. Marianne M. Fleming

Mrs. Fredericka A. Flynt

Mr. Randall W. Fontes and Mrs. McCamey Fontes '93

Mr. and Mrs. Scott S. Fortney '89

Mr. and Mrs. David Fosgate

Mr. and Ms. Jordan Fowler

Mr. and Mrs. James S. Frazer III '57

Mr. Aladdin Ben Freeman '94

Mr. and Mrs. Erick V. Gallegos

Dr. Lenora Peters Gant and Dr. Raymond Gant

Mr. and Mrs. Edmund R. Gant '48

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Gayle, Jr. '67

Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Gibert, Jr.

Mr. James Daniel Gilliam, Jr. '68

Mr. Frederick Lee Glaize III '54

Mr. John Conger Glover, Jr. '14

Ms. Sallie H. Glover '11

Mr. Lawrence A. Glover '18

Mr. and Mrs. James Walter Goldsmith

Mr. and Mrs. Scott C. Goodman '78

Dr. and Mrs. E. H. Goodwin III '91

Mr. and Mrs. Derek Gottfrid

Mr. Daniel C. Gottwald '06

Mr. and Mrs. Eric A. Graber

Mr. Oliver R. Grace III

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart M. Grainger '75

Ms. Elizabeth Ainslie Green

Mr. Joseph M. Green, Jr. and Mrs. Julia Fellers-Green

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Greer

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Hackney

Mr. and Ms. Timothy K. Halloran

Ms. Constance Hallquist

Mr. and Mrs. George B. Hamilton '55

Ms. Ellen Clark Hampton '63

Mr. Sung Wook Han '01

Mr. Henry H. Hand IV '84 and Ms. Katherine Munchmeyer

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Hannon II

Mr. David Tai Hatcher '84

Mrs. Kathleen M. Hayne

Dr. and Mrs. Hubert B. Haywood III '64

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy T. Head

Ms. Elizabeth L. Heebe-Russo '11

Mr. Mark Edward Henrichs '94

Mr. and Mrs. C. Carrington Herbert, Jr. '68

Mr. and Mrs. Landon Hilliard III '58

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Hipp '72

Mr. Charles Ho and Ms. Stephanie Lu

Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Hollis III '87

Mr. Sung Ho Hong and Ms. Hyo Jung Kim

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Hood '97

Mr. Stuart Horne

Ms. Josephine Elizabeth Horsey '00

Ms. Shasha Huang

Dr. and Mrs. William B. Inabnet III '83

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel W. Inman '99

Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Jackson

Mrs. Dabney Doswell Jewell '93 and Mr. Robert S. Jewell

Mr. Francis Gaillard Johnson '81

Ms. Kristin Johnson

Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Jones III '86

Mrs. Stewart Gilchrist Jones '00 and Mr. Crawford J. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Carter R. Jordan '83

Mr. Andrew Kaluzniacki and Ms. Joanna Wills

Mr. Brian Boiroihme Kane III '77

Mr. John A. C. Keith '64

Ms. Caroline Blair Kelso '07

Mr. and Mrs. Kyung Hun Kim '93

Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. King '74

Mr. and Mrs. Scottow A. King '75

Mrs. Rachel H. Kittrell'10 and Mr. Robert G. Kittrell IV '10

Mr. and Mrs. Mason H. Lampton '92

Mrs. Irfan Latimer and Mr. Robert Latimer

Mr. William Preston Laws '16

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Lawson '56

Mr. Min Gu Lee and Mrs. Sun Young Ko

Mr. John D. Leeby and Dr. Cheralyn P. Leeby

Dr. and Mrs. Richard G. Lewis '60

Mr. James M. Lewis '64 and Mrs. Elizabeth L. Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Light '06

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan J. Lipschutz

Mr. Jiangsheng Liu and Mrs. Yonghua Li

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Long III '84

Mr. and Mrs. Alcide M. Longoria '99

Mr. and Mrs. P. Bradley Lummis '73

Dr. and Mrs. Walker Lyerly IV '80

Mrs. Katherine Leggett Mabry '00 and Mr. Jason Mabry

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall

Ms. Lauren Marie Marshall '09

Mr. and Mrs. Marty Martin '69

Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Masterson '92

Mr. Malcolm Matheson III '55

Mrs. David Maybank, Jr.

Mr. Joseph D. Mayo III '71

Ms. Beverley Logan McCaskill '94

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas G. McElveen

Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. McIntosh '75

Mr. and Mrs. Gary H. McNorrill

Dr. William Merriam and Dr. Joanna Bell-Merriam

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Miller '82

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Mitchener '76

Dr. Shriti Patel Moore '97 and Mr. Eric Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew G. Moretz '90

Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Morgan '73

Dr. John Wills Moses, Jr. '73 and Ms. Heather Main

Mr. John R. Murchison II '47

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Murray, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John Muthaiah

Mr. David G. Nason and Mrs. Nicole R. Nason

Dr. and Mrs. James E. Newman, Jr. '70

Mr. Jonathan Alexander Nichols '81

Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Nielsen '56

Mr. Hayes Acklen Noel '59

Mr. Charles Edwards Noell III

Mr. William N. Owen '83 and Ms. Alison Mayer

Mr. and Mrs. C. Penn Owen III '77

Mr. and Mrs. Makar Y. Paseniuk '95

Mr. and Mrs. Bailey Patrick, Jr. '53

Mr. William W. Patrick '12 and Mrs. Caroline Hagood Patrick '12

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Patterson

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Pattisall '92

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Peebles IV '73

Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. Penton III '83

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. Poisson, Jr. '69

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Preston, Jr. '66

Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Pretlow III '64

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Prevatt '73

Mr. Louis L. P. Prichard '72

Mr. and Mrs. Edward K. Pritchard, Jr. '56

Mr. and Mrs. W. Trent Ragland III '74

Mr. and Mrs. M. Elliott Randolph, Jr. '61

Mr. Edwin A. Rasberry III '79

Mr. William B. Ravenel IV '67

Mr. Philip S. Reese

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick G. Ribble '60

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Richardson

Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Riddell

Mr. and Mrs. J. Miller Robbins III '91

The Hon. and Mrs. Frank W. Rogers III '75

Mrs. Frances Ainsworth Rogers '11 and Mr. William Rogers

Mr. and Mrs. Dalton D. Ruffin, Jr. '76

Mr. and Mrs. Sebastian C. Sabella '07

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Sackett, Jr. '54

Mr. and Mrs. Claude Salcedo

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen S. Salyer '99

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Sandridge, Jr. '52

Ms. Elizabeth Garland Sarn '01

Mr. Lawrence Mitchell Scarborough, Jr. '53 *

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher H. Schmachtenberger

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Schneider

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Schnorrenberg '82

Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Schorr IV

Mr. and Mrs. R. Strother Scott '63

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Segrave '97

Mr. and Mrs. Ugo Sensoy

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Sexton

Mr. and Mrs. Mason S. Sexton '65

Mr. Parks D. Shackelford and Ms. Julie A. Potts

Mr. Roger Capen Shaffer '88

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Sharpe '68

Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Sheehy '81

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Shelby

Dr. and Mrs. Christian E. Shield

Mr. Dennis Shores

Mrs. Mary Cunningham Short '00 and Mr. Andrew Short

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Shuford '84

Mrs. Sally Baldwin Sickles '94 and Mr. R. Winfield Sickles, Jr. '95

Mrs. Carter Coker Simpson '03 and Mr. Alexander Simpson

Mr. * and Mrs. James D. Simpson III '59

Mr. Blair W. Smith and Mrs. Stirling C. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan T. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. George B. Spaulding '60

Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Spearman '86

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Stephenson

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Sterling

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Stokes, Jr. '74

Capt. William D. Straight and Mrs. Kathleen W. Straight

Mr. Nicholas Kent Styles '10

Mr. Yanyu Su and Dr. Haige Shen

Mr. and Mrs. George E. Summers

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Swinford, Jr. '72

Mr. Qing Tan and Mrs. Xiaojin Guo

Mr. Hugh McMaster Tarbutton, Jr. '82

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Taylor

Dr. Jerry Jürgen Taylor '81

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Taylor, Jr. '57

Ms. Adrienne Taylor-Wilson and Mr. Seamus Wilson

Mr. Jeffrey C. Thomas '76 and Ms. Janice L. Stolzy

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Y. Thomas '84

Dr. W. M. Merrick Thomas '66

Mrs. Carolyn Barfield Thompson '03 and Mr. William M. Thompson III

Mr. and Mrs. Rixey B. Todd '65

Mrs. Julia Cammack Truemper '06 and Mr. John Truemper

Mr. Russell Gray Vance '73

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew W. von Gontard '01

Mr. Jitendra Vyas and Dr. Amita N. Vyas

Mr. Edward B. Walker '85

Mr. Xiangdong Wang and Ms. Ming Ying

Mr. RongFu Wang and Ms. XiaoChun Lin

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Ward, Jr.

Dr. Mildred Pelletier Warren '00 and Mr. Willis Warren

Mr. and Mrs. Wiley A. Wasden III

Ms. Grace A. Weisiger '13

Mr. and Mrs. Reid White '53

Mrs. Catherine Wray Barber Whitticom '98 and Mr. Jon Whitticom

Mr. and Mrs. George B. Wickham '74

Mr. Christopher Rankin Williams '06

Mr. Donaldson G. Williams '80

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Winston '85

Mr. and Mrs. S. Dillon Wooten, Jr. '57

Mr. William McDonald Wren '09

Mr. Victor Xu and Ms. Xuanchang He

Mr. Hongwei Yang and Ms. Yan Zhang

Mr. and Mrs. Hyon K. Yim '97

Dr. Seok Yoon and Dr. Bomna Ko

Mr. Bo Zha and Ms. Ying Cai

Mr. Lumin Zhao and Ms. Xiaojing Cao