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Capital & Endowment Gifts – Scholarships

Capital & Endowment Gifts - Scholarships

With generous gifts and the School’s able management of funds, Episcopal’s endowment remains strong at $308,218,323.

Income from the endowment funds faculty masterships, salary enhancements, and faculty educational programs; provides financial assistance to deserving students; enhances academic programs; and covers ongoing campus maintenance costs. Endowment funds also ensure that the campus remains an ideal setting for learning and incorporates state-of-the-art technology in all disciplines. Above all, a growing endowment helps moderate tuition increases.

50th Reunion Legacy Fund

Mr. and Mrs. John V. Grainger IV ’70

Alexander Colclough Dick 1923 Scholarship

Dr. and Mrs. Macdonald Dick II ’59

The Alumni Legacy Scholars

Mr. William M. Coxe, Jr. ’91 and Ms. Laura Saunders

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Peebles IV ’73

Paul B. Barringer II ’48 Scholarship

Mrs. Paul B. Barringer II

Ann Kearns Brooks Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard H. Brooks, Jr. ’81

George Patrick Brown ’80 Scholarship

Mr. Bruce T. Brown ’74

Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Brown ’79

Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Brown III ’72

Mr. Robert Odear

Burns Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Burns ’82

Reginald Wilbur Burns ’72 Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. David D. Joy, Jr. ’72

Mr. Robert A. Wilson, Jr. ’72

Patrick Henry Callaway Merit Scholarship

Mr. David H. Wang ’05 and Ms. Jennifer Lin

DeJoy Family Scholarship

Ms. Ania G. DeJoy ’14, Mr. Andrew L. DeJoy ’14, and the Louis DeJoy and Aldona Z. Wos Family Foundation

George T. Dunlop Scholarship

Mr. G. Thomas Dunlop IV

EHS-WFS Alumni Cup Challenge Scholarship

Mr. Charles Bagley IV ’72

Mr. Abney Saunders Boxley III ’76

Mr. Bradley Scott Burleson ’95

Mr. Russell Byrd

Mr. William S. Chapman III ’99

Mr. David Rust Clarke ’70

Mr. Hugh Caldwell Clarke ’97

Mr. Elwood Brogden Coley, Jr. ’73

Dr. Judson Pringle Cuttino ’71

Mr. Jackson Duncan

Mr. Joseph Cook Edens III ’78

Mr. Franklin Edmonds

Mr. Richard L. Godine, Jr.

Mr. Benjamin Holt Gray ’69

Mr. James Archibald Hardison IV ’75

Mr. William Pinkney Herbert III ’72

Mr. Murphy Holderness

Mr. James C. S. Holladay

Mr. Burton P. Lee

Mr. N. Thompson Long ’77

Mr. William Matthews Long III ’84

Mr. Charles C. Lucas III

Mr. Ted Malinowski

Mr. James S. McClinton III

Mr. Charles Spencer McKenna ’08

Mr. Robert Henderson McLean ’00

Mr. C. Whitten Meares III

Mr. Randolph Carlos Metcalfe ’72

Mr. Isaac Morton

Mr. John F. Nash

Mr. Tim Olmstead

Mr. Jordan Norfleet Phillips ’00

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Pivirotto

Mr. Peyton Davis Prospere ’70

Mr. Michael Rankin

Mr. G. Kinsey Roper III

Mr. Michael Weldon Schenck ’67

Mr. Benjamin Hunt Shuford ’09

Mr. Moyer Gray Smith, Jr. ’81

Mr. Wade A. Stanley

Mr. James B. Sutton ’84

Mr. J. William Thompson Jr.

Mr. Neil D. Thomson

Mr. Bernard Seward Totty ’81

Mr. Freeman McMillan Wade ’71

Dr. Preston Adam Waldrop ’75

Mr. Robert Llewellyn Whittle II ’69

Mr. Cameron B. Wilhoit

Mr. Alfred Williams V

Mr. E. Jenner Wood III ’70

Mr. Thomas Moss Wood IV ’72

First Forty-Eight Merit Scholarship

Mrs. James H. Fannon, Jr.

Carson Goodwyn ‘16 and Gray Goodwyn ‘18 Scholarship Fund

Ms. Carson Leigh Goodwyn ’16, Mr. Gray F. Goodwyn ’18, Mr. William F. Goodwyn and Mrs. Leigh J. Goodwyn

Joe Halm Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Jules Halm

Mr. Richard M. Stubbs

Holt Family Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Holt ’83

John Carlyle Herbert Hooff ’37 Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander R. Hooff ’02

Mr. and Mrs. John C. H. Hooff, Jr. ’67

Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Sigler

Mr. Ross A. Woolsey

Ruth and Flick Hoxton Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Archibald R. Hoxton III ’62

The Kelso Family Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. David B. Kelso ’70

Frances Bradley Lummis Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. P. Bradley Lummis ’73 and The Frill Foundation

John Peyton McGuire Scholarship

McGuire’s School Foundation

Peter Kingsley McKee ’52 Scholarship

Mrs. John C. Allen

Llewellyn and Sarah Watts Miller Scholarship

Sarah Watts Miller Trust

Moore Charitable Foundation Scholarship

Mr. Louis M. Bacon ’74

The Moore Charitable Foundation

Olsson Middle-Income Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. C. Elis Olsson ’82

Richard G. Pfefferkorn ’75 Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Pfefferkorn ’75

Quinn Family Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Lee S. Ainslie, Jr. ’56

Alicia and Carl Ragsdale ’58 Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Garth Q. Ainslie ’84

Mr. Hayne Ragsdale Ainslie ’17

Ms. Alicia H. Alford ’13

Ms. Camden Elaine Alford ’17

Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Alford

Mr. and Mrs. Carl S. Ragsdale ’58

Mr. Dodson R. Schenck, Jr. and Dr. Robin Schenck

Sibley Family Scholarship in Memory of Quintus W. Sibley ’73

Ms. Elsa Alexandra Sibley

Mr. and Mrs. Jack N. Sibley, Sr. ’66

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Sibley, Jr. ’65

Dr. Randell Croft Thomas and Dr. Hilary C. Thomas ’96

Landon Carter Wellford 1907 Scholarship

Mr. Robert Latane Montague III ’52


Mr. Stayton M. Bonner ’45 *

Mr. and Mrs. Beau Breckenridge

Mr. Richard Snowdon Durham ’58 *

Mr. and Mrs. Marty Martin ’69

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas B. Neagli

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Peebles IV ’73

Mr. St. George Bryan Pinckney ’65

Ms. Eliza Schenck

Mrs. Victoria F. Thevenot ’07 and Mr. Stephen Thevenot