Capital & Endowment Gifts - Scholarships

Thanks to an outpouring of gifts and the School’s strong management of funds during a global pandemic, Episcopal’s endowment grew by $5 million to reach $258 million in 2020. We continue executing the 2018 Strategic Plan with a call for “bold growth” in the endowment, which will help moderate tuition increases, make the School affordable for more families, and strengthen its distinctive programs and staff.

Income from the endowment funds faculty masterships, salary enhancements, and faculty educational programs; provides financial assistance to deserving students; enhances academic programs; and covers ongoing campus maintenance costs. Endowment funds also ensure that the campus remains an ideal setting for learning and incorporates state-of-the-art technology in all disciplines. Above all, a growing endowment helps moderate tuition increases.

50th Reunion Legacy Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred R. Berkeley III ’62

The Alumni Legacy Scholars

Mr. and Mrs. Lee S. Ainslie III ’82

Mr. William M. Coxe, Jr. ’91 and Ms. Laura Saunders

Dr. and Mrs. William Weston III ’52

Ann Kearns Brooks Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard H. Brooks, Jr. ’81

George Patrick Brown ’80 Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Brown ’79

Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Brown, Jr.

Reginald Wilbur Burns ’72 Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Lee S. Ainslie, Jr. ’56

Mr. and Mrs. Lee S. Ainslie III ’82

Mr. Jonathan S. Beane ’88 and Dr. Jodie G. Roure

Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Brown III ’72

Lt. Henry Woods Dewing, Jr. ’12

Ms. Margaret Blair Dewing ’13

Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Dewing, Sr.

Mr. John B. Dewing ’14

Mr. and Mrs. Duval Scott Farrar ’72

Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Nash Francis, Jr. ’74

Mr. and Mrs. David D. Joy, Jr. ’72

Mr. and Mrs. R. Gilliam Kittrell III ’74

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Mason ’72

Mr. Randolph Carlos Metcalfe ’72

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Peebles IV ’73

Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Root III ’71

Mr. Milton J. Sams ’70

Mr. Thomas Ruffin Vandeventer ’74

Mr. Robert A. Wilson, Jr. ’72

Martha L. Cammack ’09 Service Learning Fund

Mr. John Paddock Sisson ’44*

Edward C. Carrington ’63 Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Eric A. Heinsohn

Robert S. Cathcart III ’57 Scholarship Fund

Mrs. Robert Spann Cathcart III

Mr. and Mrs. Heyward H. Coleman ’62

Mr. and Mrs. John Coppedge II

Ms. Phyllis Cowell

CresCom Bank

Mr. Neil Verner Dawson

Mr. and Mrs. William H. deButts, Jr. ’47

Mr. and Mrs. Gaillard T. Dotterer ’54

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Felder, Jr.

Ms. Laura Gates

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Gibbs

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Griffin III

Ms. Susan W. Hanckel

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Lee

Mr. H. Gordon Leggett, Jr. ’50 and Ms. Madeline E. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Lilly

Mr. Charles K. Marshall

Mr.* and Mrs. David Maybank, Jr. ’50

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Maybank, Jr. ’90

Dr. and Mrs. Francis G. Middleton ’58

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh J. Morgan, Jr. ’46

Mr. and Mrs. Mills Lane Morrison

Mrs. Constance Parramore

Dr. and Mrs. Edmund Rhett, Jr.

Ms. Sarah M. Rijswijk

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Siedell

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Smith III

Mr. and Mrs. George T. Stronach III ’59

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Trask, Jr. ’54

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Unger

Ms. Harriet Wright

Mr. William T. Young

Mr. and Mrs. Rutledge Young

DeJoy Family Scholarship

Mr. Andrew Louis DeJoy ’14

Ms. Ania G. DeJoy ’14

The Hon. Aldona Z. Wos and Mr. Louis DeJoy

Alexander Colclough Dick ’23 Scholarship

Dr. and Mrs. Macdonald Dick II ’59

George T. Dunlop Scholarship

Mr. G. Thomas Dunlop IV

EHS-WFS Alumni Cup Challenge Scholarship

Mr. Garth Quinn Ainslie ’84

Mr. Joseph B. Alala III ’88

Mr. Charles Bagley IV ’72

Mr. William Alexander Banks, Jr. ’90

Mr. Brooks Wallace Binder ’83

Mr. Abney Saunders Boxley III ’76

Mr. Henry Andrew Brown III ’72

Mr. Bradley Scott Burleson ’95

Mr. Robert George Burleson, Jr. ’90

Mr. Russell Byrd

Mr. David Wilkinson Carr, Jr. ’73

Mr. Max C. Chapman, Jr. ’62

Mr. David Rust Clarke ’70

Mr. John K. Cohen

Mr. Elwood Brogden Coley, Jr. ’73

Dr. Judson Pringle Cuttino ’71

Mr. Stephen Michael Dunn ’97

Mr. Frank Edwards

Mr. and Mrs. Frederic H. Garner

Mr. Muscoe Garnett

Mr. Gunby J. Garrard

Mr. Benjamin Holt Gray ’69

Mr. Fletcher H. Gregory III

Mr. Ben Haggin

Mr. Alex Hale

Mr. James Archibald Hardison IV ’75

Mr. Hayes R. Holderness

Mr. James C. S. Holladay

Mr. John Hudson

Mr. Robert C. Hudson

Mr. B. K. Kennedy

Mr. Joseph B.C. Kluttz

Mr. N. Thompson Long ’77

Mr. John M. Lowry

Mr. James S. McClinton III

Mr. Robert Henderson McLean ’00

Mr. C. Whitten Meares III

Mr. Randolph Carlos Metcalfe ’72

Mr. Douglas D. Monroe III

Mr. Reilly Monroe

Mr. Jarrett M. Morrell

Mr. Isaac Morton

Mr. Tim Olmstead

Mr. Charles Collett Patton ’72

Mr. Edmund Stephen Petrilli III ’05

Mr. Jordan Norfleet Phillips ’00

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Pivirotto

Mr. Peyton Davis Prospere ’70

Mr. William Allen Roach ’74

Mr. G. Kinsey Roper III

Mr. Moyer Gray Smith, Jr. ’81

Mr. Park Bowie Smith, Jr. ’74

Rev. David H. Smith

Mr. William James Stallworth ’00

Mr. Wade A. Stanley

Mr. Henry VonHoff Stoever IV ’84

Mr. James B. Sutton ’84

Mr. Bernard Seward Totty ’81

Mr. John LeRoy Townsend III ’73

Mr. Freeman McMillan Wade ’71

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Walker

Mr. Benjamin R. Wall

Mr. Thomas J. G. Walter

Mr. Timothy Walter

Mr. Robert Llewellyn Whittle II ’69

Dr. Robert Wilson, Jr. ’54

Mr. Edward C. A. Wilson ’85

Mr. William K. Woltz III

Mr. E. Jenner Wood III ’70

Mr. Thomas Moss Wood IV ’72

Mr. David Andrew Wysong ’59

Joe Halm Scholarship

Mr. Richard M. Stubbs

Lee and Ann Hobson Family Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. H. Lee S. Hobson ’83

Richard ’49 and Kay Hobson Family Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. H. Lee S. Hobson ’83

John Carlyle Herbert Hooff ’37 Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander R. Hooff ’02

Mr. and Mrs. John C. H. Hooff, Jr. ’67

Mr. and Mrs. John C. H. Hooff III ’95

Mrs. Louise Hooff Clarkson

Ruth and Flick Hoxton Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Archibald R. Hoxton III ’62

Mrs. Ann Hoxton Taylor

Frances Bradley Lummis Scholarship

The Frill Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. P. Bradley Lummis ’73

Mr. and Mrs. Ransom C. Lummis ’80

John Peyton McGuire Scholarship

McGuire’s School Foundation

Peter Kingsley McKee ’52 Scholarship

Mr.* and Mrs. Robert Elijah Mason III ’52

Middle Income Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. John Reid Murchison III ’72

Dr. and Mrs. J. Latane Ware ’52

Moore Charitable Foundation Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Louis M. Bacon ’74

The Moore Charitable Foundation

Olsson Middle-Income Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. C. Elis Olsson ’82

Richard G. Pfefferkorn ’75 Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Pfefferkorn ’75

Quinn Family Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Lee S. Ainslie, Jr. ’56

Sibley Family Scholarship in Memory of Quintus W. Sibley ’73

Mr. and Mrs. Jack N. Sibley, Sr. ’66

John Philip Strubing ’93 Scholarship

John Philip Strubing ’93 Foundation

Robert C. Watts III and Elizabeth A. Watts Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Peebles IV ’73

Jenner Wood Family Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. E. Jenner Wood III ’70


Mrs. Alicia R. Alford and Mr. Michael K. Alford

Mr. Attison L. Barnes IV ’11

Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Bobola

Mr. Calvert J. Bobola ’10

Ms. Katherine Preston Cory ’11

Ms. Maria Gardner Cox ’11

Lt. Henry Woods Dewing, Jr. ’12

Ms. Margaret Blair Dewing ’13

Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Dewing, Sr.

Mr. John B. Dewing ’14

Mr. James Travis Donahoe

Mr. Gaines S. Dyer

Ms. Erin M. Farren

Ms. Sydney E. Fenstermaker ’12

Mr. Eric Fillinger

Ms. Susan K. Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. Erick V. Gallegos

Ms. Lela Shari Gant ’96

Dr. Lenora Peters Gant and Dr. Raymond Gant

Ms. Cary W. Hairfield ’11

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Herzog

Ms. Sarah M. Hulbert ’11

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Hunnicutt

Ms. Eva Jack

Mr. Bennett N. Jones ’11

Ms. Mary M. Justis

Dr. Andrew Kim ’11

Dr. Anna Laucis

Ms. Cymantha Liakos

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Luther ’70

MarSu Interiors

Ms. Katie Moenkhaus

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Morenz

Dr. Albert G. Mulley, Jr.

Ms. Nicole L. Novak

Ms. Maja P. Olsson ’14

Ms. Elizabeth Lanier Olsson ’11

Mr. and Mrs. C. Elis Olsson ’82

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Palmer

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Peebles IV ’73

Ms. Nicole H. Perry and Mr. Andrew T. C. Stifler

Planters Bank & Trust Company Greenville Staff

Mr. and Mrs. James Reed

The Robertson Foundation

Ms. Samantha F. Sanders

Mr. Benjamin Sommers

Ms. Jeanette Stokes

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Strong

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tierney

Ms. Olivia Wax

Ms. Sarah Weinroth

Ms. Virginia P. Wisman

Mr. and Mrs. Walter T. York, Jr.