Roll Call

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Roll Call

School years like 2019-20 powerfully demonstrate the importance of unrestricted, immediate-use donations. Episcopal is incredibly grateful to the 2,900 alumni, families, and friends who contributed to our annual fund, the EHS Roll Call, providing nearly 12 percent of the School’s operating budget.

With the School’s unexpected shift to distance learning, your unrestricted gifts to the Roll Call helped to ensure that Episcopal had the financial flexibility to:

  • retain our excellent faculty and staff,
  • offer fair tuition credits to families,
  • reject federal loans that could better serve small businesses that were struggling, and
  • invest in new technology and online platforms to enhance our distance-learning program.

To end the fiscal year without a deficit was an incredible accomplishment by our donors, and there is much to celebrate.

  • Our entire community came together with incredibly strong Roll Call participation:
    •    76% of current parents
    •    46% of alumni
    •    100% of faculty
    •    100% of trustees
    •    96% of the Class of 2020
  • During their April meeting, members of the Board of Trustees challenged one another to make generous second gifts to ensure that the School would not face a deficit. After two trustees took the lead with jaw-dropping second gifts of $100,000 and $376,000, their colleagues enthusiastically followed suit. Ultimately, board members collectively donated over $900,000 to the 2019-20 Roll Call, stretching their and their families’ contributions far above and beyond what is asked in an average year.
  • 78 current families chose to donate their tuition refunds, providing $232,878 in support.
  • Senior parents of the Class of 2020 increased their overall participation and contributed $423,895 to the Roll Call.
  • 78% of alumni donors from 2018-19 renewed their gifts, and 454 alumni who did not give in 2018-19 renewed their support or gave for the very first time.
  • The EHS 24/7 Challenge was postponed and transformed from a one-day community event to a 10-day alumni challenge in support of current students. Motivated by a $50,000 challenge provided by 13 generous alumni, an amazing 1,116 donors contributed almost $300,000 during that effort.