Departing Trustee Remarks

Departing Trustees Remarks

Departing Trustee Remarks

Alicia R. Alford P’11 ’13 ’17

Alicia AlfordWhen asked to serve as a trustee on Episcopal’s board, I viewed the opportunity as a chance to repay the School in a small way for the transformational role it played in the lives of my three children, Sutton ’11, Ali ’13, and Camden ’17. What I didn’t expect, however, was the amazing experience that is the EHS board and leadership at work. There are no egos or hidden agendas. Everyone in the room truly places what is best for the School, the students, and the faculty at the heart of every discussion. The School’s leadership is constantly seeking to move forward in order to better the School in ways that enhance the growth and development of Episcopal students.

My years on the board were marked by an exciting time of transition. The search for a new Head, the seamless transition from Rob Hershey’s leadership to Charley Stillwell’s, and the development of a bold new strategic plan are the obvious markers of change. A more subtle change has been the transition in the composition of the board. During this period, the board evolved from one that represented the single-sex school of old to one representing the diverse institution that EHS is today. Adding these voices to board discussions greatly enriched and strengthened our conversations, and I believe will better prepare the School for the future.

I will be forever grateful for the friendships that I made while serving on the board, the lessons in leadership and listening demonstrated by so many, and the positive impact that the entire EHS community continues to make on the lives of my family and others.

Robert W. Chambers III ’90 P’18

Robert ChambersI had not been back to Episcopal for roughly two decades when I entered Hoxton House for my new trustee meeting in the fall of 2014. I quickly realized that EHS was no longer the spartan, all-male (and un-airconditioned) institution I had attended. The facilities — academic, arts, and athletics — had been transformed into state-of-the-art buildings. I then ran into several familiar faces — teachers who were at the start of their careers when I was a student (and who had not aged nearly as much as I had) — and immediately felt at home.

It was an honor to serve as a trustee of EHS as it transitioned from one extraordinary Head of School, Rob Hershey, to another, Charley Stillwell. Each trustee I served with was dedicated and committed to making Episcopal the best school possible. The highlight of my trustee experience was serving while my older son, William ’18, was a student. Hearing him tell me how Mr. Reynolds’s US History class sharpened his mind reminded me of the critical-thinking skills instilled in me by Charlie Skipper during my days as a student.

I leave the board knowing that Episcopal could not be in better hands than with Charley Stillwell and Lee Ainslie ’82 at the helm, and I am grateful for a wonderful experience over the past six years.

John C. Glover, Jr. ’81 P’11 ’14 ’18

John GloverWhat can I say? I love EHS. I love it so much that I’ve sent my three children there and have served on the Board for a total of 12 years. While so much has changed, my favorite parts of the School remain the same — the Honor Code, school spirit, and especially the strong sense of community. Serving on the Board has been an honor and a privilege, a lot of work, but even more fun. It’s an incredible group, and I miss them already.

The highlight of my board tenure was overlapping with Sallie ’11, Jack ’14, and Anderson ’18. They are each so different, but they all thrived at Episcopal. My wife Sallie and I couldn’t visit enough, and serving on the Board meant that I “had to” be there at least once each season! I leave the Board this year confident that the School is in excellent hands with both Charley Stillwell and Lee Ainslie at the helm. I am grateful to my fellow trustees for making the experience so outstanding, and I look forward to supporting the School any way I can in the future. Go High School!

Kathryn G. Tyree P ’17 ’19

While I didn’t go to boarding school and admittedly knew nothing about EHS until seven short years ago, my relationship with the School has become one of the most meaningful relationships I have ever had. My family visited EHS at the urging of Lee Ainslie ’82, and we unexpectedly ended up choosing the School over my husband and older son’s alma mater because of our experience at chapel on the revisit day. I remember how my entire family felt particularly drawn to the spiritual values of the School.

It was daunting to join the board as a boisterous, public school educated-woman from New York City, surrounded by mostly southern men with EHS running through their blood for generations. But I was immediately welcomed and being on this board and part of this community has been one of the highlights of my life, and I will always treasure serving during the years my son, Hutch ‘21, and daughter, Didi ’19, attended.

Episcopal’s trustees are a collection of the most creative and insightful thinkers, with the funniest and most charming personalities. Over the years, they have become warm and supportive friends. I’ve learned so much from my time as a trustee, and I feel particularly blessed to have been part of Charley’s first years as Head of School. Being a devoted EHS parent and now a departing trustee, I can now say I have EHS in my blood and will always be supportive of the School in any way I can.