Loyalty Gifts


Thank you to all of our loyal donors for donating during the 2021-22 school year.

Total Gifts: $193,767

Anonymous (4)

Mr. and Mrs. A. Bahlmann Abbot III '72

Mr. and Mrs. Preston H. Abbott '65

Ms. Hadiyyah Aida Abdul-Jalaal '17

Mr. and Mrs. Sadiq Abubakar '11

Ms. Amanda Marie Acquaire '11

Mr. Cam Dorsey Adams '78

Mr. William S. Addis '09

Mr. Adetoye A. Adenekan '12

Mr. and Mrs. Adegboyega Adenekan

Mr. Jonathan Keen Adkins '16

Mr. and Mrs. Pendleton C. Agnew

Ms. Elizabeth S. Agnew '12

Mr. Hayne Ragsdale Ainslie '17

Mr. and Mrs. R. Johnston Preston Akers '97

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Akridge '99

Mrs. Ellen S. Albers and Mr. Ken Albers

Mr. and Mrs. Sean M. Albert

Mr. Willem Heath Albert '22

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Albosta '00

Ms. Alicia H. Alford '13

Ms. Camden Elaine Alford '17

Dr. and Mrs. G. Ashley Allen '61

Mr. and Mrs. William W. Allen '97

Mr. Joseph K. Allen III '92

Mr.* and Mrs. Augustus T. Allen IV '56

Mrs. John C. Allen

Ms. Anne C. Allen '20

Ms. Katherine Elizabeth Allen '20

Ms. Purcell P. Allen

Mr. and Mrs. Kent D. Alley

Mr. Davis Dean Alley '22

Mr. John Allietta '88

Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Alston III '79

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Amason III

Mr. Thomas Gilbert Amason IV '20 '20

Ms. Edith K. Amason '17

AmazonSmile Foundation

Mr. Edward A. Ames III '57

Mr. Jon Beard Ammons '79

Mr. and Mrs. C. Bodhi Amos

Mr. William MacRae Amos '06

Col. and Mrs. David E. Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Richard O. Anderson

Mr. Derrick T. Anderson Jr. '22

Ms. Caroline E. Anderson

Ms. Heather Anderson

Ms. Kelsey Maureen Anderson '16

Ms. Michelle D. Anderson

Ms. Barbara R. Andrews '14

Ms. Hadley B. Applegate '22

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Archie '85

Mr. Robert W. Archie '14

Mr. Ryan A. Arenburg '22

Ms. Kristin N. Aria '14

Mr. Samuel S. Armm '14

Mr. William Howard Armstrong IV '12

Mr. William S. Armstrong and Ms. Ellen D. Flora

Ms. Anna S. Arnold '22

Mr. Benjamin T. C. Arp '15

Mr. Carson Jarrett Clark Arp '19

Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Arrington, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Arzt

Mr. Zachary V. Ashburn '12

Ms. Zoe Virginia Ashburn '16

Ms. Elizabeth Graham Ashford '15

Mr. Arthur Campbell Austin '97

Mrs. Elizabeth Seaton Ayoob '01 and Mr. Nic Ayoob

Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Ayotte

Mr. B. Drummond Ayres, Jr. '53

Ms. Ellen G. Baber

Mr. Alpha O. Bah '22

Ms. Barbara Bai '08

Mr. and Mrs. John K. Baicy '77

Mr. James Hamilton Baird, Jr. '80

Ms. Annabelle S. S. Baird '22

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Baker, Jr. '86

Mr. Robert F. Baker '54

Mr. William L. Baker '77

Mr. and Mrs. A. Stuart Baldwin '47

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Baldwin '66

Ms. Sylvia Ballinger

Ms. Taylor N. Ballinger '22

Ms. Mary S. Mooney Banks

Mr. and Mrs. Milton A. Barber IV '78

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Bard '86

Mr. Brian Charles Barker '93

Mr. James C. Barkley '14

Mr. Joseph Miles Barkley, Jr. '11

Mr. John Frederick Barnes '68

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Barnett '70

Mr. and Mrs. Francis L. P. Barnwell '66

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Barnwell '74

Mr. Henry Bryan Barrett '18

Mr. John C. Barrett '21

The Rev. and Mrs. John H. Barrett

Ms. Sarah M. Barringer '13

Ms. Kate Barry

Ms. Priscilla Blair Barton-Metcalfe '16

Mr. and Mrs. H. Brooks Barwick III '79

Mrs. Temple Forsyth Basham '96 and Mr. Andrew Basham

Mr. and Mrs. E. Warner Bass '59

Mr. James Orin Bass, Jr. '55 '55

Mr. and Mrs. Javier Bastos

Mr. Mark A. Battin '06

Mr. Sloan B. Battle '06

Dr. Richard L. Beaver '86 and Dr. Mary E. Beaver

Mr. Justin David Beck '89

Mrs. Jacob D. Beck

Mr. James M. Becker '07

Mr. Jacob H. Beckner '18

Mr. James Payne Beckwith, Jr. '67

Mrs. Mary Kirk Brady Beddard '02 and Mr. Fred Beddard

Mr. and Mrs. Riddick G. Beebe '04

Mr. and Mrs. Ian D. Beed '03

Mrs. Alyson Evans Beha '98 and Mr. James J. Beha II

Mr. and Mrs. Jarrett B. Bell '03

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. H. Benedict '07

Mr. Hunter H. Benedict '10

Mr. and Mrs. Harry K. Benham III '58

Mr. Nicolas G. Benitz '14

Ms. Corina M. Benitz '11

Mr. and Mrs. Craig M. Bennett, Jr. '71

Mrs. Holland Casey Bent '06 and Mr. Maxwell S. Bent

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Berna '90

Mr. Stephen H. Berry '80

Ms. Ella S. Bickley '15

Mr. and Mrs. Brooks W. Binder '83

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kim Bingham

Mrs. Ann deSaussure Biondi '08 and Mr. James A. Biondi

Mrs. Thomas W. C. Birge

Mr. Miles Truscott Bivins '16

Ms. Emily S. Bivins '14

Mrs. Kalen Stuart Blackburn '04 and Mr. Landis Blackburn

Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Blaine

Dr. and Mrs. Harry W. Blair '56

Mrs. Winslow Moore Blankenship '03 and Mr. Ross Blankenship

Ms. Brittany E. Blankenship '06

Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Blankingship, Jr. '47

Dr. Elizabeth Blaum

Ms. Barrett E. Bles '08

Dr. Walter D. Blessing, Jr. and Dr. Anne H. Blessing

Mr. and Mrs. Winton M. Blount IV '83

Mr. and Mrs. Warner L. Blunt IV

Mr. and Mrs. Warner L. Blunt IV '07

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Bobbitt, Jr. '61

Mrs. Julie Barraza Boggs '06 and Mr. Thomas Boggs

Mrs. Innes Gamble Boland '02 and Mr. Carl Boland

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Bond '58

Mr. John D. Bond IV '12

Ms. Caroline E. Bond '14

Dr. Charles A. Boone and Dr. Katherine B. Boone

Mr. and Mrs. Elwood B. Boone III '88

Ms. Hannah B. Boone '22

Ms. Jane Scales Borden '95 and Dr. Brian J. Stogdill

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Bounds '89

LTJG Stewart C. Bova '11

Mr. and Mrs. E. Taylor Bowen III '81

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Bowers '90

Mr. John Kerr Bowman '65

Mr. Hugh C. Boyd '13

Mr. Robert C. Boyd '15

Ms. M. Franklin Boyd '95

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne W. Boyles '95

Mrs. Jean Winborne Boyles

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Brabson, Jr. '58

Mr. Alan F. Brackett, Jr. '72

Dr. Eric S. Bradford, Sr. and Dr. Kathleen K. Bradford

Mr. and Mrs. David Brady, Jr.

Mrs. Leah Andress Brady '08 and Mr. David Brady

Mr. William R. Brandt '15

Ms. Melissa M. Brandt '20

Mr. Wade H. Brannon III '17

Ms. Maxine W. Brannon '18

Ms. Stella W. Brannon '18

Mr. William H. Braswell '06

Mr. and Mrs. Francis W. P. Brawley '98

Mr. and Mrs. Beau Breckenridge

Ms. Charlotte W. Breckenridge '20

Mr. and Mrs. Pierce Brennan

Mr. John S. Breuer

Mr. and Mrs. F. Bryan Brice, Jr.

Ms. Elizabeth M. Brice '21

Dr. and Mrs. John D. Briddell '58

Mr. and Mrs. R. Edson Briggs, Jr. '86

Dr. and Mrs. Cedric M. Bright '81

Mrs. Waverly C. Broadwell

Ms. Isabelle L. Broll '21

Ms. Sophie Turner Larissa Broll '22

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Brooks IV '73

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Brooks '94

Mr. Michael Stafford Brooks

Ms. Clara T. Brooks '22

Mr. and Mrs. J. Melville Broughton III '75

Dr. and Mrs. Brooks G. Brown III

Dr. and Mrs. Stuart E. Brown III '75

Maj. Cary R. Brown and Dr. Kathleen E. Brown '78

Mr. and Mrs. Brentt C. Brown '96

Mr. and Mrs. Grant R. Brown '02

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Brown '52

Mr. and Mrs. John O. Brown '76

Mr. Edward S. Brown '06

Mr. Richard B. Brown III

Mrs. Jane Garnet Brown and Mr. Tyler Brown

Mr. and Mrs. H. Lee Browne '65

Mr. and Mrs. S. Porter Brownlee

Mr. Edwin N. Broyles '73

Mr. and Mrs. Gray F. Bryant '09

Mr. and Mrs. R. Bayly Buck III '69

Mr. Blair Dabney Buck '66

Mr. and William S. Burdell, Jr. '58

Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Burke '90

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick S. Burke '85

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Burris '90

Mr. and Mrs. W. Brodie Burwell, Jr. '71

Ms. Margaret McNeale Butler '15

Mr. Russell von Lehn Buxton, Jr. '59

Ms. Elizabeth W. Buyck '12

Ms. Virginia Brooks Claus Buyck '17

Mr. and Mrs. Adolphe C. Cade IV '71

Ms. Antoinette Grace Caine '22

Mr. and Mrs. Sarah M. Calder '07 '07

Ms. Virginia Harper Caldwell '22

Ms. Lucille Lagow Callewart '19

Mr. and Mrs. Gray R. Calvert '81

Ms. Ward W. Cammack '20

Mr. and Mrs. David P. Campbell

Mrs. Margaret Albertson Campbell '04 and Mr. Patrick S. Campbell

Mrs. Elise Canfield and Mr. Neil Canfield

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander L. Cann, Jr. '84

Prof. John Pearce Cann III '59

Mr. Bernard A. Carey '00

Mrs. Madison Murray Carlos '05 and Mr. Adam Carlos

The Rev. Elizabeth Carmody

Mr. Nicholas Carosi V '22

Mr. and Mrs. Emile L. Carr

Mr. David Wilkinson Carr, Jr. '73

Mr. Keith E. Carr '03

Mr. Kyler L. Carr '06

Mr. W. Lyles Carr III '68 and Ms. Sarah King

Mrs. Carmen Carraway and Mr. Andrew Carraway

Mrs. Elizabeth Harrison Carrington '06 and Mr. John Carrington

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew B. Carter '79

Mr. Clarence F. Carter III '54

Mr. Lee N. Carter '08

Mr. Marc A. Carter and Mrs. Laurén Carter

Mr. Mark T. Carter and Mr. Kent I. Scott-Smith

Mrs. Carlyle Fairfax Hooff Casella '00 and Mr. Daniel Casella

Mr. Dennis Vaughn Casey '91

Mrs. Lisa Manning Cassidy '00 and Mr. David Cassidy

Ms. Kate Davis Castle '19

Ms. Sarah Gray Castle '17

Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Cathcart '60

Mr. and Mrs. Enrico C. Cecchi

Dr. Hoon S. Cha and Dr. Soeun You

Ms. Claire W. Channell '09

Ms. Leigh B. Channell '15

Ms. Sally S. Channell '07

Mr. C. Hewitt S. Chapman '66

Ms. Chloe Yitong Chen

Ms. Frances G. Chesson '08

Ms. Joslyn K. K. Chesson '13

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Chickering '68

Rev. William Chromey

Mr. Sung Joo Chun '22

Mr. Tae Joon Chun and Ms. Sun Hwa Pyun

Mrs. Prather Smith Claghorn '99 and Mr. John W. Claghorn IV

Ms. Maria H. Claiborne '21

Ms. Sarah G. Claiborne '12

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Clardy, Jr. '78

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Clark, Jr. '70

Mr. W. Robert Clark '17

Ms. Catherine C. Clark '21

Mr. David Rust Clarke '70

Dr. and Mrs. Lucius D. Clay III '67

Mr. and Mrs. Cameron W. Clement '76

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Clement III '75

Mr. Harrison R. Clement '12

Mr. Whittington W. Clement, Jr. '10

Mrs. Taylor Gillis Clement '01 and Mr. Baxter L. Clement

The Hon. and Mrs. Whittington W. Clement '66

Ms. Daphne M. B. Clyburn '03 and Mr. Michael MacEwen

Mr. Thomas Felix Coates III '62

Mr. and Mrs. Gardner E. Cobb III '87

Mr. Peter R. Coffin '70 and Ms. Vasilya Gapirova

Mr. and Mrs. Jason W. Coker '98

Ms. Sara E. Coker '08

Mr. and Mrs. Carter L. Cole '54

Mr. and Mrs. Heyward H. Coleman '62

Mr. and Mrs. James T. Coleman '72

Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius E. Colley

Mr. Alexander Joseph Collie '16

Dr. Heather F. Collins '93

Mr. David W. Collins and Mrs. Anna H. Collins

Mr. Gabriel W. Collins '25

Mrs. Anna H. Collins and Mr. David W. Collins

Mrs. Lindsay Wolfington Collins '97 and Mr. Peter Collins

Ms. Patricia S. Collins

Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Colton '63

Mr. and Mrs. Wilkie S. Colyer, Jr. '03

Mr. Justin M. Combs '09

Mrs. Lindsay Whittle Comstock '99and Mr. Ethan G. Comstock

Mr. Benjamin C. Condemi '21

Mrs. Ansley Stewart Condon '07 and Mr. Nicholas R. Condon

Ms. Elizabeth Austin Conger '12

Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Conklin

Mrs. Carrington Llerly Connell '12 and Mr. Collier Connell

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander N. Conner '72

Mr. and Mrs. F. Henry Conner, Jr. '52

Mr. and Mrs. Pearce C. Connerat '57

Mr. David C. Coombs '82

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Cooper II '95

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Cooper '86

Mrs. Massie Payne Cooper '03 and Mr. Benjamin Y. Cooper

Ms. Eleanor Wright Cooper '06

Ms. Shanda A. Cooper '02

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Corbitt IV '02

Ms. Victoria A. Cordner

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Cornegy

Mr. and Mrs. Martin S. Cornelson '79

Mr. Francisco Correa and Mrs. Rosilene Ribeiro

Ms. Katherine Preston Cory '11

Ms. Stewart Castleberry Cory '10

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Coupland '70

Mr. Lee R. Cowden '10

Mrs. Sarah R. Cowden

Ms. Alexandra Josephs Cowin '18

Ms. Maria Gardner Cox '11

Mr. Steven Aubrey Craig '14

Mr. Charles H. Craighill '15

Mr. Robert Edley Craighill '77

Ms. Montana S. Crider '15

Mr. David Andrew Crist '88

Mr. and Mrs. Beverley L. Crump '59

Mr. Lenin Roberto Cruz Navas '16

Mr. Harper F. Cullen '06

Ms. Jane Mebane Cullen '95

Mr. and Mrs. Culp '09

Ms. Ellen O'Connor Cummings '19

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Cunningham

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Cunningham '76

Mrs. Amy Fannon Cupic '94 and Mr. Steven Cupic

Ms. Isabella W. P. Custard '22

Mrs. Alston Armfield Daigh '05 and Mr. Kevin Alexander Daigh, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Damron '05

Mr. Alek Shawn Daniel '16

Mr. William Verner Daniel, Jr. '76

Mrs. Emily Daniel

Mrs. Mary Ann Broughton Daniel '15

Mr. and Mrs. Harwell M. Darby, Jr. '65

Dr. and Mrs. Frederick K. Dashiell, Jr. '59

Mr. Thomas Clark Dashiell '66

Mr. and Mrs. LaMarr E. Datcher '98

Ms. Patricia A. Daum '22

Mr. and Mrs. Charles O. Davidson '64

Mr. Aidan D. Davies '21

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Davies

Mr. Michael Joseph Davies '20

Mrs. Elizabeth Hackney Davies '99 and Mr. Joseph Davies

Ms. Audrey Michelle Davies '22

Ms. Hannah B. Davies '20

Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Davis

Mr. and Mrs. W. Blount Rodman Davis '70

Mr. William Ward Davis '95

Mrs. Elma Winborne Davis

Ms. Caroline M. Davis '21

Mr. Brooks W. Davy '15

Mr. William W. Davy '12

Mr. Victor Weyher Dawson, Jr. '72

Mr. Sebastian Andres de Casteja '22

Mr. Robert W. De Grood '15

Mr. Hendrik Prael de Zwart '06

Mrs. Katherine C. de Zwart

Mr. Robert A. W. Deaton '20

Mr. Yeshak Debella and Ms. Tsion G. Ture

Mr. and Mrs. W. Hunter deButts IV '10

Mr. and Mrs. William H. deButts, Jr. '47

Mr. Austin Ingram deButts '12

Ms. Lindsey S. deButts '08

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. DeCampo

Mr. Timothy S. DeCampo '14

Col. and Mrs. Tim T. deGavre '57

Mr. Alix Che Dejean '00

Ms. Ania G. DeJoy '14

Mrs. Diane H. Del Priore

Mr. and Mrs. Marino deLeón

Mr. and Mrs. Stanhope B. Denegre '70

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick B. Dent, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. William B. DePass, Jr.

Lt. Henry Woods Dewing, Jr. '12

Mr. John B. Dewing '14

Ms. Margaret Blair Dewing '13

Mr. and Mrs. David DeWitte

Ms. Donna Dhue

Mr. Jake Harry Diamond '22

Ms. Zailie F. Diaz '22

Dr. and Mrs. Macdonald Dick II '59

Ms. Sophie M. Dick '11

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Dickinson '96

Mrs. Barbara M. Dickinson

Mr. and Mrs. D. Glenn Dickson '85

Mr. Peter K. Diffley '08

Mr. Gregory Ignatius DiNardo '09

Mrs. Annabel Rose Dinnerstein '07 and Mr. Jed Dinnerstein

Dr. Richard S. Dixon, Jr. and Mrs. Elsabe J. Dixon

Mr. and Mrs. John K. Dixon, Jr. '62

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. Dobbs, Jr. '72

Mr. and Mrs. John Docherty

Ms. Haley L. Dod '20

Ms. Leah Holt Dodson '10

Ms. Porcha Dodson

Mr. Andrew Harrington Doehler '98

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Doering '91

Ms. Pem Pem S. Dorji '22

Ms. Hannah Grace Doss '19

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Doswell '00

Ms. Cabell S. Doswell

Mr. Gaillard T. Dotterer III '11

Mr. David A. Douglas and Mrs. Ann M. Douglas

Mrs. Robert A. Douglas

Ms. Lucy G. M. Douglass '13

Mr. G. Geddes Dowling III '68

Mrs. Cary Tilton Doyle

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Grady Drago '84

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew H. Drake

Mrs. Catherine Cay Dreese '96 and Dr. James Dreese

Mr. William Miller Drennen, Jr. '60

Mr. and Mrs. Sean F. Driscoll

Mr. Christian D. Driscoll '12

Mr. Francis Parker Driscoll '19

Ms. Margaret McRae Driscoll '16

Dr. Joel M. Dubenitz '90 and Mrs. Stacie Birenbach

Mrs. Dorcas E. Trotter DuBose '09 and Mr. William H. DuBose, Jr. '09

Mrs. Charles Wills DuBose

Mr. and Mrs. Philip V. H. L. Duckett, Jr. '74

Mr. John Ducksworth and Mrs. Joan Santiago-Ducksworth

Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. C. Dudley '91

Mr. Thomas Underwood Dudley II '61

Ms. Carter P. Dudley '14

Ms. Virginia Tyler Duerson '12

Mrs. Kelsey Montz Duffey '07 and Mr. Jonathon Duffey

Mr. Philip Laughlin Duggins '06

Mr. Andrew C. Dunbar '08

Mr. and Mrs. Leon A. Duncan, Jr. '83

Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher W. Dunn '06

Mr. Stephen Michael Dunn '97

Mr. Ammon G. Dunton, Jr. '53

Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. DuPre III '71

Mr. Kurt A. Dupuis

Ms. Claudia Duran

Ms. Jane R. Durden '20

Ms. Suzanne Page Durden '22

The Hon. and Mrs. Nelson T. Durden '56

Mr. and Mrs. David Robert Dutton '09

Ms. Taylor F. Dye '22

Mrs. Caroline Inman Dyson '03 and Mr. Jed Dyson

Dr. and Mrs. Harry W. Easterly III

Mr. Joshua E. T. Easterly '23

Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel A. Ebel

Ms. Lauren E. Echko

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan E. Eddy '59

Dr. and Mrs. B. Prescott Edmunds, Jr. '52

Mr. Ralph Lanier Edwards, Jr.

Ms. Natasha W. Edwards '22

Mr. Beverley P. Eggleston III '62

Mrs. Ann Gordon Pelletier Eisenzimmer '08 and Mr. Christopher L. Eisenzimmer

Ms. Madison Alexandra Eldridge '16

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Eliot

Ms. Hannah McGuire Ellington '03

Mrs. Anna Belk Elliott '07 and Mr. Dennis Elliott

Ms. Caroline E. English

Mr. James O. Erwin IV '89

Mr. Henry Owings Eshelman '77

Ms. Ava S. Eszenyi '22

Mrs. Hampton Moore Eubanks '96 and Mr. Guy B. Eubanks, Jr.

Mrs. Caroline Koste Evans '06 and Mr. Harrison Wilkes Evans '02

Mr. and Mrs. Jess Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Evans '07

Mrs. Rebecca Kellam Everhart '99and Mr. Patrick Everhart

Mr. Robert C. G. Exum '83

Capt. and Mrs. Armand T. Eyler, Jr. '52

Mr. Hunter J. Fairchild '11

Mr. Samuel G. Falken '12

Mrs. Joey Farmery

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Farrar, Jr. '70

Mr. Andrew Scott Farrar '02

Ms. Katharine D. Farrar '07

Ms. Elyse S. Farrell '20

Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Faulkner III '78

Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Faulkner, Jr. '52

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Faurot '72

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Fay

Ms. Arabelle Caroline Fedora '05

Ms. Mary Elizabeth Fels-McDowell '94

Mr. and Mrs. Leavenworth M. Ferrell II

Mr. James Alfred Figg III '72

Ms. Kathleen H. Finlay '18

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Finley

Mrs. Sarah E. Fite and Mr. David Fite

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Fitzhugh '67

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Fitzpatrick

Mr. James J. Fitzpatrick and Mrs. Jennifer S. Fitzpatrick

Mr. James J. Fitzpatrick and Mrs. Jennifer S. Fitzpatrick

Mr. Thomas Mills Fleming '82 and Dr. Marianne M. Fleming

Ms. Joyce B. Fletcher

Mr. and Mrs. William W. Flowers '67

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Y. Flynn '80

Dr. and Mrs. W. Kent Ford, Jr. '49

Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Foulk

Ms. Ava L. Foulk '23

Ms. Hadley I. Foulk '21

Mr. John R. Fowler '61

Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Fox V '11

Ms. Abigail Grove Fralin '13

Ms. Erin E. France '07

Ms. Karli M. Francis '15

Ms. Mary E. Frantz '11

Capt. and Mrs. Powell A. Fraser, Jr. '67

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Fraser

Mr. Walter J. Fraser '22

Mrs. Susanne Inman Frayser '02 and Mr. Peter Frayser

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Frazier '68

Ms. Alexandra Nicole French '07

Mrs. Kathleen Hullinger Friedman '09

Ms. Gigi L. Friedman '21

Ms. Seerojini Y. Friedman

Ms. Megan Friend

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Fry

Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Fulks II '04

Mr. Thomas W. Funkhouser

Ms. Samantha B. Funkhouser '21

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Furniss, Jr. '72

Mr. Gary Francis Furr '75

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Gable '83

Mrs. Mary Jennette Kroncke Gabriel '00 and Mr. Scott Gabriel

Mr. and Mrs. Anton H. Gaede III '84

Mr. Cooper E. Gage '15

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence E. Gaines, Jr. '76

Ms. Stacie R. Galiger

Mr. and Mrs. Connor V. Gallegos '11

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Galloway, Jr. '83

Ms. Eleanor B. Galloway '08

Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Gamble IV '82

Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Gamble, Jr. '54

Ms. Pierson E. Gammage '20

Ms. Lela Shari Gant '96

Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Gardner '71

Mr. Thomas J. Garland '80 and Ms. Diana F. Farrell

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Garon '99

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Garrison '10

Mr. and Mrs. Trey Garrison '10

Ms. Noriko Gates

Ms. Alessandra G. Gavin '12

Mr. Benjamin O. Geer III '99

Ms. Jessica J. George

Mr. and Mrs. Sydney A. Gervin III '66

Mr. Frank Huger Gibbes III '62

Mr. Tier L. Gibbons '11

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Gibbs '59

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Giblin '86

Mr. Matthew Cloud Giblin '22

Ms. Annabelle H. Gibson '15

Mr. and Mrs. Edward N. Gideon, Jr.

Mr. C. Harrison Gadsden Gilchrist '04

Lt. Haley Robinette Gilland '14 and Mr. Alex Gilland

Mrs. Elizabeth Morten Gioia '05 and Mr. Chris Gioia

Mr. Odell Gist

Mr. and Mrs. Philip B. Glaize, Jr. '74

Mr. Philip Boyd Glaize III '04

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. B. Glenn '69

Mr. and Mrs. John F. C. Glenn, Jr. '65

Mr. James Bunyan Glover, Jr. '77

Ms. Sallie H. Glover '11

Mrs. Allison Ledwith Glubiak '07 and Mr. Zachary Ryland Glubiak '08

Ms. Somerville G. Glubiak '13

Mr. and Mrs. Wellington Goddin, Jr. '75

Ms. Lucy A. Goddin '11

Mr. and Mrs. Allan H. Goldsmith '81

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy L. Goldstein

Mrs. Lucy Whittle Goldstein '97 and Mr. Jeremy Goldstein

Mr. Read F. Goode, Jr.

Mr. Whitby Stack Goode '17

Ms. Presley G. Goode '15

Mrs. Catherine B. Gomez-Goodnow and Mr. Peter P. Goodnow

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Goodrum, Jr. '86

Mr. and Mrs. James S. Goodwin '97

Mr. and Mrs. William A. R. Goodwin III '64

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Goodwyn

Mr. Gray F. Goodwyn '18

Ms. Carson Leigh Goodwyn '16

Ms. Helen H. Goodyear '22

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Gookin

Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus W. Grandy VI '04

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Graney

Ms. Margaret H. Graney '13

Ms. Remington Diana Grant '22

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Grasty '88

Mr. Edward S. Graves III '08

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Gray

Ms. Hannah Louise Gray '12

Ms. Marjorie Leith Gray '22

Ms. Sarah Taylor Green '13 and Mr. Alexander C. Green '14

Mr. and Mrs. Edmund T. Green

Mrs. Julia Doffermyre Green '96 and Mr. Elijah T. Green

Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Greenbaum, Jr. '76

Ms. Margaret Ann Greenhill '22

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Greenspon

Mr. Thomas S. Greenspon II '17

Mr. Allen Burton Greenwood III '22

Mr. and Mrs. Thorne Gregory, Jr. '85

Mrs. Nancy Gregory

Mr. and Mrs. A. Sidney Smoke Gressette '94

Mr. Michael C. Gribbon '14

Ms. Anne R. Griffin '22

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Griffith III '79

Mr. Wright D. Griffith '14

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Grobmyer '98

Ms. Emily Grubb

Ms. Harriet W. C. Gruber '00

Mrs. Elizabeth Stowers Grush '01 and Mr. Ryan Grush

Mr. and Mrs. Achille M. Guest '79

Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Gump '68

Mr. and Mrs. Louis K. Gump '85

Mr. Warren Miller Gump '89

Mr. and Mrs. J. Daniel Morgan Guthridge '99

Mr. Richard Barbee Gwathmey, Jr. '65

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Haddock II '87

The Hon. and Mrs. Donald M. Haddock '59

The Hon. Donald M. Haddock, Jr. '89 and Ms. Cristina Barbudo

Ms. Eliza Marie Hadjis '09

Ms. Catherine J. Hadwin '01 and Mr. Lee Windham

Mrs. Kirkland M. Hagerty and Mr. G. Robert Hagerty

Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Haigler III '87

Mr. Samuel Hale, Jr. '59

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy F. Haley '69

Ms. Caroline L. Haley '15

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Hall '57

Mr. William B. Halloran '22

Mrs. Lillian Fowle Halls '08

Mrs. Joey L. Halm

Ms. Abby E. Halm '13

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Haltiwanger, Jr. '65

Dr. and Mrs. William L. Hand III '73

Mr. William L. Hand IV '08

Mrs. Alyssa deButts Hand '94 and Mr. Matthew Hand

Ms. Madeleine L. Hand '18

Mr. Alexander Handy

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Hanna '95

Mrs. Sarah Montz Harcus '06 and Mr. Bruce Harcus

Dr. and Mrs. David M. Hardaway

Mr. James A. Hardison V '09

Ms. Katherine J. S. Harlow '13

Mrs. Wayne Lee Harman

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Peden Harris

Mr. and Mrs. David Webster Harris '00

Mr. and Mrs. Boyd W. Harris IV '87

Mr. and Mrs. G. Henry Harris IV

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Scott C. Harris '97

Mr. Robert L. Harrison '57 and Ms. Melinda B. Colson

Dr. Julian D. Hart, Jr. '56 and Ms. Pascale Michel

Mr. Malcolm Towns Hartman '64

Ms. Tyler P. Hartmeyer '15

Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Hasty '03

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hathaway

Mr. and Mrs. Keiji Hattori

Ms. Ansley Victoria Haulbrook '18

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Hauser

Dr. and Mrs. Richard W. Hawkins

Mr. Henry Muhler Hay IV '16

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson C. Hays '76

Dr. Hubert B. Haywood IV '07

Dr. Lillian Maxwell Bellamy Haywood '04

Mr. and Mrs. E. Burke Haywood '71

Mrs. Jessica D. Hazlett and Mr. Matthew L. Hazlett

Mrs. Helen Van Clief Heard '96 and Mr Chase Heard

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Heath III '81

Dr. Bruce A. Hedman

Ms. Elizabeth G. Helm '12

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Henderson

Ms. Elizabeth A. Henderson '11

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan V. Hendricks III

Mr. George Miller Hendricks '19

Mr. John A. Henry '10

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Herbert III '72

The Hermitage Hotel

Mr. John Fletcher Herrington '99

Mr. William Mikell Herrington '97

Mr. and Mrs. I. Keith Heyward V '78

Mr. Damjan Stephan Hezir '05

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Higgins III '79

Mr. Ross A. Higgins '12

The Rev. and Mrs. S. Kent Higgins '63

Ms. Victoria Faith Hightower '06

Ms. Catherine E. Hills '22

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Hindsley '68

Mr. James Hobart

Mrs. Anne Willingham Hobart '06 and Mr. John Hobart

Dr. James F. Hobson '72

Mrs. Richard Rachborne Graham Hobson

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent S. Hodge, Jr. '89

Mr. and Mrs. Staige Davis Hoffman, Sr. '80

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Hoffman

Mr. Bill Hoffman

Ms. Jessica E. Hoffmann '06

Mr. Jeffrey B. Hoisington and Ms. Ellen G. Baber

Dr. and Mrs. Howard T. Holden, Jr. '59

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Holden '85

Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Holding, Jr. '79

Ms. Caroline Branch Holland '22

Prof. and Mrs. John G. Holland '54

Mrs. Sarah J. E. Holley

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Holt, Jr. '66

Mr. Walter A. Holt, Jr. '71

Ms. Amanda Morrison Holt '14

Ms. Greta Shepard Holt '17

Ms. Sophia M. Holt '15

Ms. Sophie L. Holt '15

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Homer

Mr. Peter Buchanan Hood '22

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander R. Hooff '02

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Hooff, Jr. '01

Mrs. Katharine Brady Hooker '08 and Mr. Cahill Hooker

Mr. Howard Lynn Hopffgarten

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Hopkins

Mr. John L. Hopkins, Jr. '76

Mr. John Spencer Hopkins '01

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Hill Hopper '82

Ms. Eliza C. Hopper '06

Mr. Richard T. Horan III '13

Ms. Marianne C. Horan '13

Ms. Elizabeth Moragne Hossfeld '00

Ms. Ivy S. Houde '15

Mr. and Mrs. Rock N. Houstoun '69

Mr. James P. Houstoun III '66 and Ms. Bernice Colby

Mr. Patrick Keenan Hovet '16

Dr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Howard

Mrs. Renee John Howard '07 and Mr. Duane Howard

Mr. William Barrett Howell III '22

Ms. Shasha Huang

Mr. and Mrs. F. Howard Hudgins '69

Mr. Andrew G. Hudson '87

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Huebner

Ms. Jennifer Huebner

Mr. Evan A. Hughes '14

Mr. James B. Hughes '10

Mrs. Elizabeth McLean Hughes '08 and Mr. Reagen Hughes

Ms. Chase D. Hughes '12

Ms. Halle Tate Hughes '17

Ms. Ryland Schley Hughes '16

The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Hummel

Mrs. Jenna Llewellyn Hummer '06 and Mr. James Hummer

Dr. Katie Humphries and Mr. Josh Humphries

Col. and Mrs. Leigh H. Hunt, Jr. '54

Mr. Townsend Gardiner Hunt '22

Ms. Elizabeth Caroline Hunt '22

Ms. Heidi R. Huntley

Mr. Thomas A. Hurley '11 and Mrs. Emma L. Holt Hurley '12

Brig. Gen. and Mrs. John A. Hurley

Capt. and Mrs. Matthew B. Hurley '08

Mr. John A. Hurley III and Mrs. Stephanie Bates-Hurley

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hurst

Capt. Beirne Carter Hutcheson '10 and Capt. Clare Hutcheson

Mr. and Mrs. Wylie G. Hutchison '07

Mr. Joseph M. Hyman '13

Ms. Nana-Esi Miti Igyan '18

Ms. Sofi N. Y. Igyan '21

Dr. and Mrs. Robert P. Irons, Jr. '64

The Rev. and Mrs. Fielder Israel, Jr. '56

Mr. and Mrs. Clay T. Jackson

Mr. and Mrs. Grady O. Jackson III '92

Mr. and Ms. Arthur F. Jackson

Mr. Ryan W. Jackson '06

Mrs. Sara Kathryn Mayson Jackson '12 and Angus Jackson

Ms. Grace R. Jackson

Mr. and Mrs. Clay R. Jacob, Jr. '06

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde H. Jacob III '67

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T. Jacobs '93

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Jamieson, Jr.

Ms. Elisabeth Reid Jamieson '20

Ms. Minjoung Jang '17

Mr. and Mrs. F. Nelson Jarrett '93

Mr. and Mrs. Luke Z. Jarrett '94

Mr. and Mrs. Rivers T. Jenkins III '81

Mr. Eric S. Jewett

Mrs. Megan R. Jewett

Mr. Runwei Jin '18

Mr. Tao Jin and Ms. Ruihua Chen

Mr. Harrison F. Jobe '06

Mr. John T. Jobe '07

Mrs. Marshall Turnbull Johnson '95 and Mr. Townes Boyd Johnson III '97

Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Johnson, Jr. '73

Mr. and Mrs. Carlton L. Johnson '75

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Wallace Johnson II '66

Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Johnson III '92

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Johnson '87

Mr. and Mrs. R. Keith Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Johnson, Jr. '02

Mr. Thomas Parker Johnson, Jr. '22

Mr. Trevor B. Johnson '22

Mrs. Lindsey Dorman Johnson '07 and Mr. Stephens Johnson

Mrs. Sarah Rose Johnson '05 and Mr. James Johnson

Ms. Olivia Reid Johnson '16

Ms. Rebecca M. Johnson '22

Dr. and Mrs. C. C. Johnston, Jr. '47

Dr. and Mrs. Leon M. Johnston III '69

Mr. and Mrs. Gregg K. Jones '68

Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Jones '58

Mr. and Mrs. J. David Jones, Jr. '75

Mr. and Mrs. John Martin Jones, Jr. '60

Mr. and Mrs. Mohamedu F. Jones

Mr. Bennett N. Jones '11

Mr. Graham S. Jones '08

Mr. James David Jones III '17 '17

Mr. Joel Hurt Jones '78 and Ms. Maria Sheperd

Mr. Pendleton M. Jones '10

Mrs. Joanne Harper Jones '02 and Mr. Hudson Jones

Ms. Azizi Marion Jones '02

Ms. Celeste H. Jones '12

Ms. Emma Elizabeth Jones '18

Ms. Isabelle C. Jones '14

Ms. Sarah Rebecca Jones '16

Ms. Stephanie Douglas Jones '98

Rev. and Mrs. Richmond Jones

The Rev. and Mrs. Gary D. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Jordan

Mr. Christopher C. Jordan '86

Mrs. Laura Faulders Jordan '02 and Mr. Dennis Wylie Jordan

Mr. Foster Joseph III '12

Mr. and Mrs. David D. Joy, Jr. '72

Mr. Thomas Harrison Joyce '97

Mrs. Harry Joyce

Mr. and Mrs. John N. Joyner '63

Mrs. Elizabeth Schoen Juge '99 and Mr. Andrew Juge

Mr. Andrew K. Jyan '12

Mrs. Sarah Pugh Kadish '96 and Mr. Michael J. Kadish

Mr. Manu Bhasker Kadiyala '22

Mr. and Mrs. Scot Alan Katona

Mr. and Mrs. Greg H. Kats

Mr. Robert Hollins Kats '22

Ms. Kathryn Card Kaufman '99 and Mr. Will Coffman

Ms. Prabhlean Kaur '16

Mr. and Mrs. Rashad F. Kawmy '01

Ms. Alice Joy Kaylor

Mr. Alexander Anderson Keevil '04

Mrs. Katherine H. H. Kegan '05 and Mr. William H. C. Kegan '05

Mrs. Sally Bugbee Keidel and Mr. Philip Keidel

Mr. and Mrs. Emerson P. Kellam, Jr. '61

Mr. Lucius J. Kellam V '22

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin B. Kelly '74

Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Kelly III '72

Mr. John W. Kelly and Mrs. Jennifer Noble Kelly '82

Ms. Charlotte Hudson Kelly '22

Ms. Elizabeth C. Kelly '22

Ms. Rachel R. Kelly

Ms. Caroline Blair Kelso '07

Mr. Tyler M. Kennedy '11

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Kern '62

Mr. Edward Travers Kerr '85

The Rev. and Mrs. W. Verdery Kerr '67

Ms. Jeila M. Kershaw '09

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Ketner '96

Mr. Christopher H. Kim '21

Mr. Hyung Kim and Ms. Soo Shin

Mr. Myoung-Shik Kim and Mrs. Insook Yu

Ms. Esther Kim '19

Ms. Juha Kim '22

Mr. Norman G. Kim-Senior and Mrs. Tran G. Kim-Senior

Mrs. Mary Clarke Kincheloe '04 and Mr. Richard Kincheloe

Dr. William W. King '79

Mr. and Mrs. C. Judson King III '52

Mr. Evan P. King '09

Mr. Gordon Braswell King '73

Ms. Lauryn King '17

Mr. Gudmundur T. Kjaernested '24

Ms. Lilja W. Kjaernested '22

Mrs. Cameron Leppard Kluttz '03 and Mr. James Whittle Kluttz

Mr. Hugh S. Koeze and Ms. Megan Oleynik

Ms. Natasha Kollaros

Mr. Alex M. Koppenhaver '21

Mr. Benjamin Cicirello Korkowski '19

Ms. Madeline C. Korkowski '17

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis J. Kornberg '81

Dr. Colleen A. Krivacek and Mr. Paul Krivacek

Ms. Yu Wen Kuo '19

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kupersmith

Mr. Adam John Kurzweil '22

Mr. Hunter Paul Kushner '02

Mrs. Carrie C. Kuykendall '06 and Mr. Matthew Kuykendall

Mr. and Mrs. Clinton S. Laird '65

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Lamb '06

Mr. and Mrs. David T. Lambeth III '06

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Lamond '93

Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Landi '82

Mr. and Mrs. William Ritter Lane '69

Ms. Darcy Heurtematte Langdon '95

Mr. and Mrs. Gernot Längst

Ms. Amelie T. Längst '22

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Lanigan

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Larkin, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony T. Lathrop

Ms. Sarah B. H. Lathrop '15

Mr. and Mrs. Robert deTreville Lawrence IV

Mr. and Mrs. Fontaine B. Lawson '60

Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Lawson IV '84

Mr. David M. Lawson '92 and Ms. Shanna Prevé

Mrs. Kate C. Leach '97 and Mr. Seth Leach

Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. LeCarpentier III '80

Dr. Yoon Suk Lee '00

Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Lee VI '05

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Lee '75

Mr. Jang Sun Stratos Lee '08

Mr. Min Gu Lee and Mrs. Sun Young Ko

Mr. Richard H. Lee '65

Ms. Jihyun Elizabeth Lee '13

Ms. Nora Lee

The Rev. and Mrs. Caleb J. Lee '99

Mr. Andrew C. Lehman '22

Ms. Julia G. Leisenring '17

Mrs. Marte Meighan Leisy '07 and Mr. Davis Leisy

Dr. Jean Brown Leonard and Mr. Charles M. Leonard

Mr. Evan P. Leonard '13

Dr. Laurel Edmundson and Mr. William Alexander Lesman '91

Mr. Benjamin Thomas Lett, Jr. '18

Mr. and Mrs. Fulton D. Lewis, Jr.

Ms. Kathryn Nieman Lewis '16

Ms. Shiye Li '18

Mrs. Malsert Chapman Liebler '99 and Mr. Brian Liebler

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Liles, Jr. '78

Dr. and Mrs. Edward G. Lilly III '82

Mr. Edward G. Lilly IV '22

Dr. Eric H. Lindenblad '73

Ms. Morgan A. Lineberry '15

Mr. Jesse Ling '12

Ms. Peyton Grubbs Lister '97 and Mr. Keith Lister

Mrs. Mary Rennie Rowe Litman '03 and Mr. Michael Litman

Dr. Zhonghua Liu and Ms. Hongjie Cui

Ms. Ce Liu '18

Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Lobdell, Jr. '71

Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Lockhart '03

Mr. Bradley G. Lockhart '09

Mr. Colin Richard Lockhart '05

Mr. and Mrs. Fielding L. Logan III '92

Mr. and Mrs. Fielding L. Logan, Jr. '57

Mr. Charles Markley Logan '59

Mr. and Mrs. Rutledge O. Long '06

Mr. Graham Henderson Long '01

Ms. Jennifer Blair Long '94 Mr. Damian Augsberger

Mr. and Mrs. Alcide M. Longoria '99

Mr. Matthew J. Lopiano '12

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Loughlin

Mrs. Joanne Love

Mrs. Sarah Brown Love '00 and Mr. Craig Love

Mr. and Mrs. Otto Lowe, Jr. '51

Mr. and Mrs. Marion W. Lucas '05

Mr. Amir A. Ludena '22

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew K. Lugar '91

Mr. and Mrs. George Edward Lukes

Ms. Cindy Huixiu Luo '25

Mr. and Ms. David Luscombe

Mr. Piers B. Luscombe '22

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Luther '70

Mr. Evan W. Lyerly '17

Mr. Walker Lyerly V '15

Ms. Haley T. Lyerly '13

Mrs. Brennan Killeen Lynch '05 and Mr. Francis Lynch

Mrs. Anna Bryan Lynott '02 and Mr. Richard Lynott

Mr. and Mrs. William H. MacDade III

Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. MacDougald '76

Mr. and Mrs. R. Douglas Macgill '78

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Mack '81

Mrs. Parker Woltz Mackie '04 and Mr. George M. Mackie V

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. MacKnight, Jr. '83

Mr. Richard Finlay S. MacKnight '20

Mr. and Mrs. Duncan A. MacLeod II '80


AT&T Services, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Victor H. Maddux '93

Mr. John R. Magnuson

Mr. Richard E. Magnuson

Ms. Eva T. Magnuson '25

Ms. Mary Magnuson

Mr. and Mrs. Evan J. Male, Jr. '64

Ms. Xinyi Mao '15

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent E. L. Mariano '10

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew B. Marion, Jr. '68

Mr. Smith A. Marks '09

Mr. J. Stewart Marr

Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Marsh

Dr. and Mrs. John L. Marshall '79

Ms. Isabel Emerson Marshall '17

Ms. Lauren Marie Marshall '09

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher H. Marston '82

Mr. and Mrs. M. Lee Marston '51

Dr. and Mrs. Edward S. Martin '61

Mr. Alvin G. Martin II '22

Mr. and Mrs. Alvin G. Martin

Ms. Catherine D. Martin '18

Ms. Elizabeth A. Martinelli '14

Mrs. Emily Watkins Marzock '99 and Mr. Kirk R. Marzock

Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Mashburn '97

Dr. and Mrs. J. Bohannon Mason '79

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Mason '72

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Mason, Jr. '54

Mr. J. Tenney Mason III '61

Mr. James Dunn Mason IV '73

Mr. George Hampton Massie, Jr. '18

Ms. Eve Elizabeth Matheson '16

Ms. Kathryn McDonald Matheson '14

Ms. Alice Casey Mathews

Ms. Abbott G. Matthews and Mr. André L. M. Filho '09

Ms. Margaret M. Mattox '20

Mrs. Kathryn Dunnan Maxwell '08 and Mr. Grover C. Maxwell IV

Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. May '64

Ms. Rachel Gene May '00

Mr. and Mrs. David Maybank III '79

Mrs. Ann C. Mayer '07 and Mr. Samuel P. Mayer

Mr. Patrick Calhoun Mays '74

Mr. and Mrs. John C. McAfee '77

Ms. Lauren Elizabeth McAllister '22

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk M. McAlpin, Jr. '72

Mr. and Mrs. Neill G. McBryde '62

Mr. William Redfearn Bush McCall '22

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene B. McCarthy III

Mr. Sean Stuart McCarthy '16

Ms. Kerry E. McCaslin '06

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin R. McClatchey, Jr. '61

Mr. and Mrs. Garner McClayton '99

Mrs. Robert B. McClellan

Mr. and Mrs. Ben McCormick '10

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander P. McCoy '72

Mr. Charles L. McCoy '72

Mrs. Katherine Arnold McCurry '04 and Mr. Charles B. McCurry

The Rev. Eleanor B. McDaniel '95 and Mr. Matthew Lambert

Ms. Kyara Santos McDowell '19

Mr. Samir McElroy '22

Mrs. Jasmine McElroy

Ms. Susanna McElroy '06

Mrs. Sarah Baltimore McElwain '95 and Mr. Peter McElwain

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. McGee III '94

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Russell McGee '81

Mr. Hugh Gunn Pedraza McGee '22

Mr. and Mrs. William B. McGettigan '02

Ms. Isabella T. McGhee Chavez '22

Mr. and Mrs. Milton B. McGinty '65

Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. McGowan III '07

Mr. Gregory E. McGowan, Jr. '14

Mr. Michael K. McGowan and Dr. Susannah T. McGowan

Mr. Hunter H. McGuire III '81 and Dr. Heather McGuire

Mr. Ian R. McIlroy '00

Mr. and Mrs. John E. McIntosh, Jr. '72

Mr. and Mrs. C. Spencer McKenna '08

Mr. Ryan Thatcher McKernan '16

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander J. McKinnon '81

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. McLendon, Jr. '02

Mr. James P. McLendon '12

Mr. and Mrs. Walton J. McLeod IV '97

Dr. and Mrs. William O. McMillan, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. C. Grice McMullan, Jr. '57

Ms. Eloise Jenks McNair '18

Capt. James L. McVoy '45

Ms. Kacey L. Meaker

Ms. Elizabeth Lauren Mealy '12

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Mearns '71

Mr. Bayly Littleton Mears '10

Mr. and Mrs. William d. Mebane

Mr. and Mrs. Juan Melton

Ms. Jessica H. Mendoza '05 and Mr. Victor Mendoza

Dr. and Mrs. Suresh Menon '89

Mr. Karile-Jamall K. Mensah '20

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Merrill '59

Dr. and Mrs. William M. Merritt '92

Mrs. Katharine Hutchison Merritt '02 and Mr. Spencer Merritt

Mr. Edward Thomas Merry, Jr. '52

Mrs. Kristina Fondren Mesoznik '07

Mr. and Mrs. Tyler D. Meurlin '96

Dr. R. G. Michaels '75 and Mrs. Ana Maria Linares

Mr. and Mrs. B. Saunders Midyette '58

Mrs. Reddin Woltz Milam '10 and Mr. Walton Milam

Dr. and Mrs. James I. Miller '94

Dr. and Mrs. John H. Miller '61

Dr. J. Michael Miller and Ms. Kay Marshall

Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Miller '86

Ms. Mary Louisa Miller '12

Ms. Sarah P. Miller '20

Mrs. Ashby Brunson Mims '94 and Mr. John R. Mims '93

Mrs. Ellen King Minnick '06 and Mr. Bolton John Minnick

Capt. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Minnis '99

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh M. Mitchell, Jr. '51

Mrs. Barbara Joerg Mitchell

Mr. and Mrs. Frierson W. Mitchener '89

Ms. Rebecca W. Mohr

Mrs. Hillary Harper Molitor '05 and Mr. Christopher Molitor

Mr. Albert T. Mollegen, Jr. '55

Mr. and Mrs. C. Braxton Moncure

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Moncure '71

Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Monsted IV

Ms. Lucile McGlinchey Monsted '22

Mr. and Mrs. Percy Montague IV '67

Ms. Erin A. Montz '13

Mr. and Mrs. B. Allston Moore III '83

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Moore, Jr.

Mr. Benjamin A. Moore IV '14

Mr. George Saunders Van Rensselaer Moore '18

Mr. Wyatt C. Moore '24

Mrs. Eleanor C. Moore and Mr. Toby Moore

Ms. Cecilia B. Moore '20

Ms. Margaret McGowan Moore '19

Ms. Mary S. J. Moore '21

Ms. Nina E. Moore '20

Ms. Olivia Harper Moore '22

Mrs. Virginia W. Moore-Carr '03 and Mr. Will Carr

Mr. and Mrs. Moorhead

Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Morgan '90

Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Morgan '73

Mr. J. Whittelsey Morgan and Ms. Alison Grossman

Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Moring '86

Mr. and Mrs. George H. Morison '62

Mr. and Mrs. D. Verne Morland '69

Ms. Cheryl Alicia Morris '06

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Morrison '72

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Morrissey

Mr. John Templeton Morton '84

Ms. Lucie Templeton Morton '22

Dr. John Wills Moses, Jr. '73 and Ms. Heather Main

Mr. and Mrs. John Moses, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. William King Mueller '93

Mrs. Jackie G. Mugnos '06 and Mr. Marc Mugnos

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Mulhern '87

Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Mullen, Jr. '70

Mr. and Mrs. Blake W. Murphey '04

Mrs. Sally Mebane Murray '03 and Mr. W. Gray Murray III '03

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Murray '59

Mrs. Frances deSaussure Murray '06 and Mr. William R. Murray

Mrs. Elisabeth Putney Mygatt '02 and Mr. Justin Mygatt

Mrs. Elizabeth Ward Nation '09 and Mr. Charles O. Nation

Ms. Chandri Navarro

Mr. Aneil Nayak '90

Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Neal '77

Dr. Eric S. Neff and Dr. Amy L. Price Neff

Ms. Cynthia C. Nelson '14

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Nevitt '72

Mr. Philip Anthony Newland '08

Mrs. Kristy L. Newton

Mr. Andrew R. Nickle '11

Mr. William Alexander Nisbet '01

Mr.and Mrs.Brandon Nonnemaker

Mr. Edgar M. Norris III '03

Ms. Reese Norton

Mr. Chris Notzon, Sr.

Mr. Christopher Notzon, Jr.

Mr. John Notzon

Mr. John Notzon Jr.

Mr. Joseph M. A. Notzon '20

Mr. Vincent A. Notzon, Jr. '18

Ms. Carolyn Notzon

Ms. Catherine Notzon

Ms. Charlotte Notzon

Ms. Gabriela T. Notzon '22

Ms. Judith Notzon

Ms. Nora Notzon

Ms. Victoria L. Notzon '25

Ms. Viviane A. Notzon '25

Mr. and Mrs. William Novitsky

Ms. Sophie R. Novitsky '21

Mr. Stephen W. Nuckolls, Jr. '21

Mr. J. W. Oates '83

Ms. Virginia James Oates '09

Ms. Madison Brooke Farland Oatley '22

Mr. and Mrs. Kamil A. Odabasio '95

Mr. Hansen Stuart Ogden '22

Mr. and Mrs. William F. O'Keefe '66

Mr. William Levi Old IV '02

Ms. Kathryn S. Oldham '15

Dr. Kimberly G. Olsen and Dr. Kaj Olsen

Ms. Emily Landon O'Malley '22

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin P. O'Neill '04

Mr. Henry Nana Opoku '02

Mr. David Howes Osborn '80

Mr. Michael K. Osborn '81

Mr. Henry Plant Osborne III and Ms. Rena Coughlin '73

Mrs. Scout Douglas Osborne '06 and Mr. Russell Osborne

Mrs. Katheryn Grover Oswald '07 and Mr. Wilson Oswald

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Ough

Mr. Bradley Ough

Mr. Zackery D. Ough '22

Mr. John M. Owen and Mrs. Margaret Montana

Ms. Anne Caperton Page '13

Ms. Alexa R. Papandreou '22

Mr. Jonathan Lee Pareti '02

Mr. Thomas Clement Parham, Jr. '78

Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Park '02

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Parker '01

Mr. Jeffrey C. Parker '05

Mrs. Margaret Furlow Parker '96

Ms. Mary Lide Parker '06

Mr. Godfrey R. Parkerson '06

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Parrott II '60

Mrs. Carson Roberts Paschal '08 and Mr. Mark R. Paschal

Mr. Harkesh M. Patel '09

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Patrick '77

Mr. and Mrs. James T. Patrick, Jr. '84

Dr. William Brown Patterson '79

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Patterson '68

Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Patterson, Jr. '64

Mrs. Perrin Dent Patterson '01 and Mr. James Patterson

Mr. and Mrs. Macon G. Patton, Jr. '83

Mr. Charles C. Patton, Jr. '11

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis I. Paul '55

Mr. and Mrs. Mack A. Paul IV '81

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Payne III '88

Mr. William McGuire Payne, Jr. '61

Mr. John Thomas Dolvin Peabody '10

Mr. William Thomas Peacock '22

Ms. Lucy C. Peacock '21

Ms. Katharine Copley Chisolm Pelzer '06

Mr. William Chapman Pendleton '62

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan McCoy Penninger '02

Ms. Emily Elizabeth Penton '22

Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy D. Percy '89

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore L. Peterson III '07

Ms. Hannah M. Petitti '17

Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Pfefferkorn '75

Ms. Irene J. Pfefferman

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Phillips, Jr.

Mr. Timothy C. Phillips '15

Mrs. Allen C. Phillips, Jr.

Ms. Erin E. Phillips '18

Mr. Wilson A. Pichardo '11

Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Pickens '66

Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Pierce II '78

Mr. Jeffrey Bryan Pierce '78

Mr. Russell N. Pierson '12

Mr. W. Keeling Pilaro '17

Mr. and Mrs. C. Cotesworth Pinckney '57

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pinckney II '59

The Rev. and Mrs. John B. Pinder III '66

Ms. Brileigh I. Pinkney

Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell S. Pinkowski

Mr. John Dilworth Pitney '06

Mr. and Mrs. Jay P. Podjenski

Ms. Sofia F. Podjenski '20

Ms. Elizabeth Stewart Poisson '96

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Polk III '60

Mr. and Mrs. St. Julian O. Pollard '89

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Porter '98

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Porter '62

Mr. and Mrs. Philip T. Porterfield III '67

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Powell III '91

Mr. William Nicholas Powell, Jr. '86

Mr. and Mrs. David N. Powers

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Presnell, Jr. '92

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Presson

Mr. and Mrs. Reid B. Prichett

Ms. Allison Priebe '94

Mr. Forrest R. Pritchard '92

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest W. Proctor II '54

Ms. Tisha Proctor

Mrs. Molly W. Pugh and Mr. William Pugh

Mr. Roliff H. Purrington, Jr.

Ms. Kathleen Rafferty

Mr. William Spencer Ragland '83

Mr. Frank Douglas Rambo II '74

Ms. Kourtney A. Ramseur '08

Mr. and Mrs. Angus M. C. Randolph '65

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Raney, Jr. '65

Mr. Braden W. Ratcliffe '22

Mr. John A. Rauch '12

Mr. Lionel L. Rauth

Mrs. Millie Tanner Rayburn '02 and Mr. McCord Rayburn

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Reavis, Jr. '06

Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Rebick

Ms. Elizabeth F. Redd '14

Ms. Mary F. E. Redd '15

Mr. John A. Redhead IV '86

Mrs. Katrina M. Reed and Mr. Joe Reed

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Reese '56

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Regan III '96

Mrs. Nicole Ferland Regan '07 and Mr. Colin Regan

Mr. William B. Reily V '09

Ms. Zifei Ren '22

Mr. Edwin D. Rengers and Mrs. Dana W. Rengers

Mr. Tajh A. Restrepo '08

Ms. Jane Cabell Reynolds '18

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Rhodes '69

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart H. Rhodes '01

Dr. and Mrs. Alfred L. Rhyne III '76

Mr. and Mrs. Lockwood Rianhard '48

Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Rice

The Rev. Rodney Vincent Rice '79

Mr. and Mrs. John T. L. Richards, Jr. '78

Mr. John Philip Richardson '56

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Richmond, Jr. '62

Mr. Alec M. Riddle '22

Mr. Graham N. Riddle '22

Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Riggsbee

Mr. William C. Riggsbee '20

Mrs. Robin Manning Riva'98 and Maj. Brian V. Riva

Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Buist Rivers III '79

Mr. Michael R. Rizzoni '08

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Roback, Jr. '86

Mr. and Mrs. J. Miller Robbins III '91

Dr. and Mrs. Allen H. Roberts II '72

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Roberts, Jr. '57

Mr. and Mrs. Russell H. Roberts '56

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Roberts II '58

Mr. Stephen Morris Roberts '71

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory B. Robertson '69

Col. and Mrs. James H. Robinette II

Mr. and Mrs. Bo Robinson

Mrs. Winnie H. Robinson and Mr. R. Alexander Robinson

Mr. and Mrs. Kadeem Rodgers

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher G. Rogers '80

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis P. Rogers '70

Mr. Robert J. Rogers, Jr. '79 and Ms. Rocio M. Mendizabal

Mr. and Mrs. Darryl D. Rose

Mr. David Jeptha Rose '95

Ms. Jordan T. Rose '13

Ms. Mary Grace Rosenberg '17

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Roth '82

Mrs. Hannah Reuter Rothrock '05 and Mr. Thomas Rothrock

Mrs. Catherine-Alexa Spivey Rountree '97 and Mr. Daniel Rountree

The Hon. and Mrs. James J. Rowe

Dr. and Mrs. John C. Rozier, Jr.

Ms. Daniela del Carmen Ruano '05

Mr. William H. Ryan '09

Mrs. Margaret C. Ryan

Ms. Abigail C. Sackett '17

Ms. Meredith E. Sackett '15

Mr. Victor R. Salcedo '22

Mr. and Mrs. Jack B. Salt, Jr. '78

Ms. Emily N. Salvant '15

Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Sams III '64

Mr. Robert Clagett Sanders '68

Mrs. Mary Birch McLaughlin Sayers '01 and Mr. Hanley Sayers

Mr. Austin Bartholomew Sayre, Jr. '48

Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Schacht '48

Mr. William Davidge Schenck '22

Mr. and Mrs. Michael O. Schmidt '80

Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Schmitt '02

Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Schmulling, Jr. '68

Ms. Isabel H. Schneider '21

Mr. David E. Schoen '03

Ms. Shelby Schultz

Mrs. Katherine Houstoun Schutt '98 and Mr. Marshall Schutt

Mrs. Mary Schwanda and Mr. Peter Schwanda

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Scott, Jr.

Mr. Darius G. S. K. Scott '18

Mrs. Laura Duncan Scott '02 and Mr. Eli Scott

Mrs. Hanna Nation Seabrook '05 and Mr. Nelson Seabrook

Ms. Savannah M. Sedlock '22

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Seibels II '65

Ms. Katherine E. Senhauser '22

Mr. Christopher Dylan Sexton '22

Ms. Lucy P. Shackelford '13

Ms. Bianca Shannon

Mr. Armour M. Shaw '12

Mr. Craig W. L. Shelburne '18

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Sherrill '87

Mr. Andrew Marot Sherrill '16

Mr. Richard C. Sherrill '56 and Ms. Carole Bellanca

Mr. Andrew M. Shiels '08

Ms. Sara Whitney Shiels '10

Mrs. Clarissa Chenoweth Shook '04 and Mr. Michael Shook

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey G. Shouse

Dr. and Mrs. English Showalter, Jr. '52

Mr. Richard Winfield Sickles, Jr. '95 and Mrs. Sally Baldwin Sickles '94

Mr. Richard Winfield Sickles

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Siegling '61

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander W. Sierck '58

Mrs. Caitlin D. Simmonds '06 and Mr. Marshall Simmonds

Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Simpson

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Simpson '94

Mr. Andrew K. Simpson '13

Mr. Walter G. Simpson '14

Mrs. Carter Coker Simpson '03 and Mr. Alexander Simpson

Ms. Jennifer G. Simpson '12

Mrs. Margaret Gummere Sinclair '94 and Mr. Ryan Sinclair

Mr. and Mrs. Scott B. Singer '91

Mr. Sahibveer Singh '21

Mr. Wyatt H. Singletary '20

Ms. Sophia Rushton Singletary '18

Mr. Berkley Carrington Skinner and Mr. Brett Major '03

Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Skipper

Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Skoggard '68

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Slack IV '82

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Slack

Mr. William Charles Slade '14

Dr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Smart '63

Dr. and Mrs. Carl A. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew T. Smith '96

Mr. and Mrs. Brenton L. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. E. Dan Smith II '55

Mr. and Mrs. Napoleon Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson P. Smith '69

Mr. and Mrs. Park B. Smith, Jr. '74

Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Smith III '72

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Young M. Smith, Jr. '62

Mr. Brenton L. Smith, Jr. '21

Mr. John Maddox Smith III '22

Mr. Louis G. Smith and Mrs. Millie McKeachie Smith

Mr. Stuart Wayne Smith '84

Mr. Walton N. Smith III '90 and Ms. Amy Augenblick

Mrs. Millie McKeachie Smith and Mr. Louis G. Smith

Mrs. Stefanie S. Smith and Mr. Stephen Smith

Ms. Chloe T. Smith '25

Ms. Lillian D. Smith '12

Ms. Zoe T. Smith '22

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Smythe

Mr. Daniel Lafayette Smythe, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick G. Snead '89

Mrs. Catherine Smythe Sobieszczyk '06 and Mr. Troy Sobieszczyk

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Soderberg '84

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Soja

Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. J. Somerville '58

Mr. and Mrs. Jaenam L. Song

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Spaulding '69

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Spears, Jr. '66

Mr. Llewellyn Powell Spears IV '88

Mr. William Cannon Spotswood '70

The Rev. and Mrs. R. Leigh Spruill '82

Mr. Stewart McLeod Spurry '16

Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Staley '06

Mr. C. Norman Stallings, Jr. '64

The Rev. and Mrs. Glen A. Stancik '69

Mr. Charles N. Starks '21

Ms. Tallie M. Steiner '20

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Stephenson

Mr. Robert M. Steptoe, Jr. '61

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Sterling

Mr. Frank S. Stern '07

Mr. and Mrs. Warren E. Stewart '63

Mr. J. Patrick Stewart '72

Mr. Nicholas Clarence C. Stewart '04

Ms. Jane Whitney Stillwell '18

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Stites '60

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Stoddard '58

Mr. and Mrs. James N. Stofer '55

Mr. and Mrs. B. Joel Stoudenmire '71

Mrs. Dorothy Cavanagh Stout '95 and Mr. John S. Stout, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Upton Stover '08

Ms. Kathryn F. Stover '09

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Strange

Ms. Jillian Ament Strebel '22

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Stronach '98

Mr. and Mrs. Hardwick Stuart, Jr. '62

Mr. Richard M. Stubbs

Mr. Willard Bacon Stubbs '81

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Sullivan

Mr. James Belk Sutton, Jr. '15

Mrs. John J. Sutton, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Mathews D. Swift '65

Mr. and Mrs. Brian L. Sykes

Mrs. Elizabeth L. Taglieri and Mr. James W. Taglieri

Ms. Olivia K. Taiwo '22

Mr. Qing Tan and Mrs. Xiaojin Guo

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tappan

Mr. William Bradley Tarbutton '22

Mr. and Mrs. David Taybron

Mr. and Mrs. John K. Taylor '78

Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Taylor '82

Mr. Benjamin C. Taylor '12

Mrs. Ashley M. Taylor

Mr. Eugene Arthur Taylor '86\\ and Ms. Lauren Lockwood

Mrs. Alison Lukes Teer '95 and Mr. W. Emerson Teer '95

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Teeters

Mrs. Haley M. Tenney '09 and Mr. Max Tenney

Dr. Philip G. Terrie, Jr. '66

Mr. and Ms. Samuel T. Terry, Jr.

Capt. Summer M. Thomas '12

Dr. and Mrs. William G. Thomas III '82

Mr. and Mrs. C. J. S. Thomas III '79

Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Thomas '78

Mr. Robert Thomas, Jr. '50

Ms. Andrea A. Thomas

Ms. Anne Clare Thomas '22

Ms. Marie B. Thomas '13

Mr. and Mrs. George R. Thompson, Jr. '48

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Thompson '59

Mr. and Mrs. Newell M. Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick W. Thompson

Ms. Miranda Elizabeth Kaylor Thompson '00

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Thomsen, Jr. '64

Mrs. Honour Alston Thornton '06 and Mr. John Thornton

Mr. T. Mason Tillett, Jr. '06

Mr. and Mrs. Wayt B. Timberlake III '63

Mr. and Mrs. Wayt B. Timberlake IV '86

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Tison '60

Mr. Charles V. Tompkins, Jr. '54 and Mrs. Dianne Morgan

Dr. and Mrs. Roy B. Torbert '67

Mr. and Mrs. B. Seward Totty '81

Ms. Virginia A. Townsend '11

Mr. John Wilson Toxey '83

Mr. John Comer Train '66

Count Ulrik C. and Countess Julia Trampe

Mr. Arthur Peter Tranakos '52

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick G. Trask '88

Mr. John Maurice Trask III '81

Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Peter Trau

Mr. Duncan Snow Trau '17

Mrs. Bridgette E. Traywick '09

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Tremblay

Mr. T. Christopher Trent '84

Mr. Andile A. Tshuma '17

Mr. Ntokozo Tshuma '12

Ms. Olivia Helene Tucker '19

The Rev. and Mrs. Malcolm E. Turnbull '54

Mr. and Mrs. Carrington C. Tutwiler III '63

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Tweel '86

Mr. and Mrs. Cadwell Tyler III '63

Mr. Jordan Townsend Tyler '16

Ms. Logan Elizabeth Tyler '19

Ms. Delia D'Arcy Tyree '19

Mrs. Elizabeth Dale Uhrinek '08 and Mr. Brian Uhrinek

Mr. and Mrs. Julian W. Unger '92

Mr. Alexander B. Urquhart

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Urquhart, Jr.

Ms. Catherine Gray Urquhart '02

Ms. Emily S. Urquhart '08

Mr. and Mrs. Klaus G. Utermohlen

Mr. Eyimofe T. Uwatse '22

Ms. Rachel R. Vadhan '14

Mr. Matthew T. Valcourt '12

Mr. Vincent McNair Van Dillen '00

Mrs. Frances Kupersmith van Os '07 and Mr. Piet van Os

Mr. Russell Gray Vance '73

Ms. Lauren Elizabeth Vance '02

Mr. George Minister VanMeter, Jr. '73

Mrs. Brandi W. Vasquez and Mr. Oscar Vasquez

Ms. Marie E. Vencil '15

Mrs. Laura Vetter and Mr. Kaj Vetter

Mr. and Mrs. Ricks S. Voight, Jr. '62

Mr. Andrew W. von Gontard '01

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. von Stackelberg '65

Drs. Ophas and Marneerat Vongxaiburana

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Voorhees, Jr. '77

Ms. Elizabeth A. Vorlicek and Mr. Nathaniel T. Duffield

Mr. Forrest C. Voss '08

Mr. and Mrs. Panos J. Voulgaris

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Brown Vranian

Ms. Elizabeth Katharine Wainwright '97

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Jones Walker, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Walker III '79

Mr. John W. B. Walker '21

Mr. and Mrs. Wright N. Wall '86

Ms. Kelsey Rees Wall '10

Ms. Natalie Campbell Wall '15

Dr. and Mrs. Karl K. Wallace, Jr. '50

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin G. Wallace '76

Ms. Kelly O. Wallace '09

Mr. Robert Caldwell Wallenborn '84

Mrs. Peyton Killeen Walling '06 and Mr. Christopher Walling

Ms. Linda Walls

Mr. and Mrs. Damian C. Walsh

Mr. Yanbo Wang and Ms. Wei Zhao

Ms. Cher Tianyi Wang '22

Ms. Julie Wang

Ms. Pinhuan Wang '24

Ms. YingShan Wang '22

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Ward IV

Mr. David Livingstone Ward IV '84

Mr. Stephen Watkins Ward '59

Mr. Thomas Waring '62 and Mrs. Janice D. Waring

Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Warner '53

Mr. Davis W. Warner '22

Mrs. Katherine Chapman Warren '09

Mr. Edward C. Wasden '12

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Washburn, Jr. '62

Mr. Walter Washington, Jr. '92

Ms. Paula Washington

Mrs. Margaret von Werssowetz Waters '06 and Mr. Edward A. Waters

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Watson '81

Mrs. Virginia Seale Watt

CDR and Mrs. Robert C. Watts IV '98

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Watts III

Ms. Janet Waugh

Mr. James H. Weatherholtz '15

Mr. and Mrs. William K. Weatherly III '85

Mrs. Ryan Killeen Weatherly '02 and Mr. Lee Weatherly

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Weaver

Mr. Thomas M. Weaver '08

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Webb

Mr. Matthew A. R. Webb '17

Ms. Nettie J. Webb '18

Mr. Eugene M. Weber

Ms. Paige A. Weber '10

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Webster, Jr. '67

Mr. Nicholas W. Weeden '11

Ms. Alexis N. Weger '18

Ms. Shawn Michelle Weger '07

Ms. Tracy Weir

Ms. Anne M. Weisiger '12

Mr. and Mrs. Armistead N. Wellford '78

Mr. Warner McNeill Wells IV '95

Mrs. Helen Lambeth Wells '95 and Mr. Joseph S. Wells

Mr. Stephen R. Westerfield '06

Dr. S. Nelson Weston '54

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond P. Weston '85

Mr. and Mrs. S. Nelson Weston, Jr. '82

Mr. Raymond Patrick Weston Jr. '22

Mr. John T. Wetzel '75 and Ms. Lauren Lockwood

Ms. Molly E. Wheaton '06

Mr. and Mrs. D. Jordan Whichard IV '03

Ms. Anna B. Whichard '06

Mr. Matthew B. Whitaker

Ms. Andrea D. Whitaker

Ms. Lucy Marsden Whitaker '22

Col. William Holmes White '45

Mr. and Mrs. Davis C. White '99

Mr. Peter Bradley White '84

Mrs. John W. White

Mr. and Mrs. Isaac W. Whitfield '79

Ms. Lilly Finlayson Whitner '19

Mr. and Mrs. John L. G. Whittle '86

Mr. Kennon C. Whittle, Jr.

Mr. Robert Llewellyn Whittle II '69

Mr. and Mrs. George B. Wickham '74

Mr. Ashby Stewart Wickham '16

Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Wideman III '64

Lt. Col. and Mrs. James W. Wiecking '84

Ms. Kelly Jones Wilbanks '19

Ms. Lilly W. Wilcox '18

Mr. John Howard Wileman '84 '84

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Wiley '89

Mr. Theodore Z. Wilhelm '15

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilkinson

Dr. and Mrs. Ernest H. Williams, Jr. '64

Mr. and Mrs. Brice B. Williams

Mr. and Mrs. David F. Williams '69

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Williams IV '40

Mr. and Mrs. Ian R. D. Williams '65

Mr. Charles Edward Williams '04

Mr. Joshua A. Williams '22

Mrs. Amila T. Williams and Mr. Thaddius Q. Williams

Ms. Schuyler Jordan Williams '00

Mr. Benjamin R. Williamson III '12

Mr. Joseph W. Williamson III '86

Mr. Thomas Neal Williamson '19

Mr. William H. Williamson III '49

Ms. Caroline C. Williamson '09

Ms. Wyndham Josephine Williamson '16

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Wilson '89

Mr. and Mrs. Randall K. Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilson III '80

Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus S. Wilson '88

Mr. Robert A. Wilson, Jr. '72

Ms. Elizabeth A. Wilson '13

Ms. Kiamani J. Wilson '14

Mr. William B. Wiltshire III '17

Mr. and Mrs. Julius C. P. Winfield '61

Mr. Richard Halsey Wise, Jr. '15

Mr. Richard S. Wise '64

Mrs. Julia Rowe Wise '06 and Mr. Clarke Richardson Wise

Ms. Olivia Anderson Wise '15

Ms. Anneka Marie Wilhelmina Wisker '07

Mr. Bryan Knowles Wisner '00

Mr. John Ellis Knowles Wisner

Mrs. J. M. Woltz, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Wood IV '72

Mr. Joseph H. Wood IV '20

Ms. Catherine Royall Wood '19

Mr. James W. Woodruff III '67

Ms. Mary Kennon C. Woodson and Mr. Miguel Ruiz '07

Mr. John E. Woodward IV '18

Mrs. Mary Peterkin Worthington '04 and Mr. Clayton A. Worthington

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Wright IV '88

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Wright '62

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Wright, Jr. '78

Mr. Clark H. Wright '08

Ms. Qingshu Wu '22

Mr. and Mrs. Randolph W. Wyckoff '66

Mr. Thomas Tabb Wyllie '05

Mr. Albert Yan '08

Mr. Tianyu Yang '20

Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Yarborough, Jr. '63

Mr. Andrew P. Yardley '15

Ms. Margot A. Yardley '18

Ms. Ashton R. Yarnall '13

Mrs. Gray Hardee Yelle '99 and Dr. Marc D. Yelle

Mrs. James R. York

Mr. and Mrs. George E. Youmans, Jr.

Mr. George E. Youmans III '12

Mr. Brooks Baxter Young '16

Mr. Charles Augustus Young III '63

Mr. Gates H. Young '14

Mr. Kasenda Jared Amadeus Young '17

Ms. Macy M. Young '17

Mr. and Mrs. David G. Zahorsky

Mr. and Mrs. Ellis C. Zaytoun '81

Mr. Liyi Zhang '17

Ms. Xiaoyu Zhang '17

Mr. Bowen Zheng '22

Mr. Zhijun Zhou and Ms. Guojing Fu

Mrs. Katherine Weglein Zito '02

Mr. and Mrs. J. Hilliard Zollicoffer III '82