Corporate, Foundations, and Charitable Funds Gifts

Corporate, Foundations, and Charitable Gifts

Corporate, Foundations, and Charitable Funds Gifts

The School appreciates the contributions these generous organizations made directly to Episcopal in 2019-2020.

Ainslie Foundation

The Arkwright Foundation

Ayco Charitable Foundation

The G. Ashley Allen Charitable Foundation

The Whittle Charitable Fund

Lenox D. Baker and Francis W. Baker Foundation

Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund

John Gravatt Watt Charitable Fund

Beth & Julian Williamson

The Beirne Carter Foundation

Bessemer National Gift Fund

Lee and Elizabeth Davis Fund

The Brown Foundation, Inc.

John N. Browning Family

Fuller E. Callaway Foundation

Ruth Harbison Carr Family Foundation

Charlotte Mecklenburg Community Foundation

Alan Dickson Charitable Gift Fund

Al and June Rhyne Family Fund

A. Pope and Peggy B. Shuford Donor Advised Fund

Charlottesville Area Community Foundation

Brookfield Bocock Fund

Coastal Community Foundation of SC

Pringle- Read Endowment

Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta

Sartain Lanier Family Foundation

Libby and Jenner Wood Donor Advised Fund

Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham

David White Family Fund

Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro

Paige and Will DuBose Family Fund

Community Foundation for a Greater Richmond

Brockenbrough Family Fund

Ellis Fund

Florence Bryan Fowlkes Fund

C.D.L. and M.T.B Perkins Fund

Massie Scott Fund

Community Foundation for a Greater Atlanta & Central Virginia

L.S. and J.S. Bryan Fund

Community Foundation of Louisville

John H. & Phyllis B. Ward, IV Fund

Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee

Mr. E. Warner Bass Family Advised Fund

Charles W. Cook Jr. Advised Fund

Susan W. Simons and W. Lucas Simons Jr. Philanthropic Advised Fund

Community Foundation of NC East

Bland Circus Gift Fund

Community Foundation of Northern Shenandoah Valley

Jack and Page Carter Fund

Community Foundation of Western North Carolina

Alexander and Laurinda Schenck Fund

Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia

Bill and Diane Elliot Fund

The J.W. Couch Foundation

The James M. Cox Foundation of Georgia

Barbara K. Harty Fund

CresCom Bank

Davenport Donor Advised Program

JR & JD Branch Fund

Margaret C. Ryan Charitable Gifts

Dickson Foundation, Inc.

The Richard D. Donchian Foundation

Lettie Pate Evans Foundation

Fidelity Charitable

Bard Family Fund

Cynthia and John Barrett Fund

Bradford Charitable Fund

Heyward Coleman Family

Norman Dixon Fund

Gayle Family Fund

Michael and Margaret Graney Charitable Gift Fund

Constance Hallquist Charitable Fund

Katherine and Richard Horan Charitable Fund

McKee Family Charitable Giving Account

Mealy Family Fund

The Moorhead Family Charitable Fund

Patry Charitable Fund

Brenda, David, Olivia, and Paul Pivirotto Family Foundation

Short Family Foundation

Slabaugh Charitable Fund

Beetle Smith Family Fund

Stonehaven Foundation

Nancy A. Stratford Fund

Thayer Family Charitable Fund

Kathryn and Bill Tyree Fund

Margaret and Chris Ullrich Fund

Stephen W. Ward Charitable Trust

Foothills Community Foundation

Lucas Family Fund

Foundation for the Carolinas

Cathy and Scott Bortz Family Fund

Capitala Foundation Fund

Crosland Foundation

Bill and Leigh Goodwyn Charitable Family Fund

Robert E. Mason III Donor Advised Fund

Todd Family Fund

Frey Foundation

The Frill Foundation

Thomas Garrott Foundation

Gaston Community Foundation

James Boyce Garland Memorial Fund

Goldman Sachs Gives

Mr. and Mrs. W. Thomas York, Jr.

Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund

The Long Family Fund

Greater Houston Community Foundation

Chris and Leigh Joseph Family Fund

The Gregory Family Foundation

Harrison Foundation

Hayne Hipp Foundation

The Hobbs Foundation

Augusta Brown Holland Philanthropic Foundation

The Howell Fund

Jackson Foundation

Korean Alumni Association

Edward H. Lane Foundation

Loomis Foundation Inc.

Martha and William Murray Foundation

MarSu Interiors

Mathis-Pfohl Foundation

McGuire's School Foundation

Melville Foundation

Morgan Stanley GIFT

The Dunn Family Foundation

Benjamin and Yvonne Godsey Fund

The Schwartz Family Fund

R. Halsey and Lisha S. Wise Family Fund

The Moore Charitable Foundation

The Curtis & Edith Munson Foundation

National Christian Foundation

The Philip A. Cox Giving Fund

National Christian Foundation Alabama

The Henry and Melinda King Giving Fund

National Christian Foundation Kentucky

The Robert and Virginia May Donor Advised Fund

North Carolina Community Foundation

Linda and Reid Murchison Donor Advised Fund

Ragland Family Fund

John and Louise Sloan Donor Advised Fun

North Texas Community Foundation

GWR Foundation Fund

Nulsen Family Foundation Inc.

Pasadena Community Foundation

The Dunton Fund

Pfefferkorn Foundation Inc.

The Earl N. Phillips, Jr. Family Foundation

Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund

Beverley P. Eggleston III Fund

Renaissance Charitable Foundation

The John P. Strubing Foundation

River Counties Community Foundation

William and Sally Spotswood Fund

Robb & Elizabeth Tyler Foundation, Inc.

Robinson Family Foundation

Schwab Charitable Fund

Berry Charitable Fund

Sloane & Howard Brooks Family Foundation

Caldwell Family Charitable Giving Account

Charles Fitzpatrick

John C. Gammage Jr. and Valerie P. Gammage Fund

Eli and Julia Green Charitable Fund

Howell Hollis

John and Elizabeth Marshall Donor Advised Fund

The Saunders Family Charitable Fund

Walker Family Charitable Fund

The Scully Family Charitable Foundation

Shipps Foundation

Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Coxe Fund

Daniel and Devon Morehead Fund

The Henry Laird Smith Foundation

Stifel Charitable

Blessing Charitable Fund

The Whitney & Anne Stone Foundation

T. Rowe Price Charitable

The Courtney and Bo Mauzy Family Fund

Alexander and Laurinda Schenck Fund

The Warren M. Gump Fund

Townsend Family Foundation

The Train Foundation

The Trust Company of Virginia Foundation

Logan III Charitable Fund

Robb & Elizabeth Tyler Foundation

UBS Donor Advised Fund

The Inabet Family Charitable Fund

U. S. Charitable Gift Trust

Marshall Family Foundation

Vandeventer Foundation

Vanguard Charitable

The Kappy and William deButts Family Fund

The Caroline A. Forgason Gifting Fund

The Helen K. Groves Fund

The Christopher S. & Kristin Cecil Teeters Fund

The David S. Walker, Jr. Foundation

The Webber Foundation

The Whitney & Anne Stone Foundation

Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation

Robert & Tracy Winston Foundation

The Winston Salem Foundation

Andy and Margery Brown Charitable Fund

Lucie and Chuck Patton Fund

L. Gordon and June D. Pfefferkorn Trust

Mr. and Mrs. W.P. Sandridge, Jr. Advised Fund

Virginia and Jim Sutton Advised Fund