Capital Projects

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Capital Projects

The new Health and Wellness Center, replacing the 90-year-old McCallister Health Center, will help the School achieve the 2018 Strategic Plan goal of pursuing a critical balance of rigor and wellness. Features of the new building include dedicated space for the Counseling Center, a classroom for health and wellness courses, a meditation room, and separate waiting areas for sick and well patients. Also, the number of exam rooms will double to four.

The construction of two new 36-40 bed dormitories, each with three faculty residences, will lower the student-to-faculty ratios in every dorm. This improved ratio will ensure that our talented faculty and staff are available wherever and whenever learning opportunities present themselves, and will provide the best setting for our enhanced residential life curriculum.

Construction for all three buildings could begin as early as 2021, subject to funding.

A conceptual rendering of the new residential quad.